Dienstag, 3. Mai 2011

Back in Germany, JUNE Popteen, Gyaru secrets and other stuff

First of all Hello my Dear Readers.
Im back in Germany now and i feel really depressed
Unfortunatly i had a shock when i looked on the Community G_s (  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;)
Actually i was scared that one day i would see a picture of me there
but actually i thought this community is about make up and style (maybe i got it wrong?).
Anyway there was this picture of me and it was about my "love life"?!
Okok !! SHOCK !!(♛ฺД♛ฺ)
Well, i really dont know what to say about it or about the comments to this secret.
Just it was really shocking.
People talking and judge me even if they dont know me in real or anything which really hurt sometimes. 
BUT~ Now i can understand others who also were judged by mostly anonymious? persons.(´、ゝ`)

Still i think for people who only know my Blog it might look like it happened fast but you dont know the back story, sorry. And im not going to tell it because i think its a little bit to private.ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

Also people wrote they were dissappointed of me?~ Then im SORRY!but
Mmmh you think i feel super good now?Or my sadness was just a JOKE?? I still feel broken about my old boyfriend which i said in another entry but he and me talked a long time about it.We are friends now, which made me really happy!ありがとう、さとる!
But i still feel not so ready to moving on and Yusuke and me take it easy, ok?(ゝ`ω´-) Just for your understanding, 
I dont feel like we are a ' Complete' couple yet.p(`ε´q)
We are working on it, also he had a girlfriend some time ago but they broke up.For a long time we were there for eachother and its not about exchanging japanese boyfriends.( ☣◞౪◟☣)
In my life i had till now only  boyfriends. One was German and one was japanese.
Yusuke just made me happy in this sad time!!!!
He is so so so IMPORTANT for me! 
I trust him and love him, he is always there for me and Im there for him.
I hope we can marry soon, and be together forever!
Actually I always hoped that Yusuke and me will be together, now we are and its a good feeling!!! I cant imagine to be without him anymore now.
Also im not a Weeboo!♪(。◕ฺˇε ˇ◕ฺ。)♡
I was in Japan already 4 times now. I know in Tokyo is not everything FUN or ENYOJMENT
And Yes i want to live there someday but not FOREVER, because i also like Germany and i get sick of the japanese stress sometimes.

Anyway, what  wanted to say is that im sorry i made you think bad of me. Im not like that!Please dont try to judge me like this, it makes me kind of sad.‎( °、°) 
 really say sorry, i also think my behaviour was not right in this case but i think everybody does mistake, right? And we can learn from it hopefully :) Actually  want to say thanks to the secret that it reminds me of that what is really important! THANKS~ 
But next time, you can write me your opinion on my BLOG OK? Then we can talk about it maybe and exchange opinions.


I hope you still continue to read my blog but only if you want of course!

Now some pictures of the thngs i bought in Japan!
I also have some pictures of sightseeing but i dont feel like posting them now... Maybe later when i feel better about it.

Sorry for the bad pictures, I just made them with my normal camera for you with the flash (just a short prieview).The pictures are from the new magazine of june? I think so www


Cutest English !!! GAT MY CAMERAAA :D

Then i pimped up my Cecil Mc Bee bag !! ww

This Hello Kitty present the Working partner of Yusuke gave me!! She was so lovely!!!

Then i bought some make up! But i wish i could buy some more...But no money....><

These shoes are from the brand Esperanza! I have to say i dont know if its a good or a cheap brand but the shoes were around 10,000 yen!
I like them but it looks like they are not for the normal life...More like Model shoes or something.><

This cute watch Yusuke bought for me in Odaiba :) I really liked ths city!! Maybe i will show pictures of it later to yoou...

Okay~ that is all for now cuties! And i want to apologize again for what i did. Also to myself.SΟЯЯΥ_φ(・益q。`)・゚・o。
I have to make my thoughts, soul and head clear, hopefully i can!
I dont want to appear on this community site Ever again.I dont feel comfortable about it.‎( °、°)
The only positiv aspect now is that

But first i have to study for school now and work hard for it to earn money!
またね~And take care of yourselfs and dont let you get down by anybody!!

My life isn't like that as it was before. What can i do now?
PS: And for the people who wrote like that: " (her current pick is ... okay. her old boyfriend is disgusting..)" and ANONYM!
i want to say i hate that! i reallly HATE it! DO NOT INSULT MY FRIENDS ok?! They did nothing wrong and for me wether Satoru or Yusuke are disgusting or look like a girl. If its your opinion, FINE you can think it but dont write such mean things in the web where they cant defend thereselfes!!! SO MEAN and UNFAIR! I never write about somebody he/she is disgusting! what a mean shitty thing!
Or dont write your comments Anonym, then i can tell you my opinion about you! 


  1. hey, to be honest, i actually just saw that picture in g_s.
    and first i thought its weird how you have pic of u with ur ex-bf and a new purikura with your "new" bf....but i understand how you feel :) (even though i have always been rejected :(..)
    soo cheer up, since you have bought alot of things from japan :)

  2. Those community sites can be really awful. This isn't the first time I've heard of them taking other girls' photos and making fun of them or saying really awful things about them. :( I would stay away from them completely, most people on there are just really stuck up and super judgmental. No one is better than anyone else, and no one has the right to pass judgment on you, ESPECIALLY over the internet... that just seems cowardly to me! You can't truly know and understand someone if you've never met them in real life. Please don't let this get you down... there's tons of mean people out there who are going to say what's on their mind, but just remember there's tons more people who love you more <3

    I'm glad things are working out between you and さとる, and you also have ゆうすけ both as friends :) Focus on being able to have two good friends who support you, and not on these cowards who judge you without knowing you! Whether or not you move on to another guy "too fast" or whatever, that's just their opinion, and it doesn't matter. It's your life, and you're free to live it how you want to!

    PLEASEEEEE post about the dolly wink products! I'm still not completely sold on them because they're expensive >w< Oh! And is that the Crying Girl mascara?? I went looking for it at Mitsuwa the other day, and I think they stopped carrying it ;___; Hope to see some reviews in the future, and stay happy! 元気でね!<333

  3. I don't think that your love life should be anyone's business or concern. and you definitely do not need to explain yourself to people who judge every single person anyways. so don't worry about those people! they will never benefit your life anyways! (: you do what you need to to make yourself happy ♥

  4. Girl!!! I really like ur post & I'm always happy when I check ur blog.Stop checking these stupid secrets -_____- U know who u are & nobody can judge u. <3

  5. aegh! Ich hasse gyaru secrets>< ich hab solche angst, das ich d auch mal gehatet werde, was sicher passieren wird weil ich in deren augen sicher hässlich bin *kotz*
    das sind alles idioten die nur neidisch sind-.-'
    was interessiert dir überhaupt dein Leben? oo'
    is doch deine sache was du machst-.- tztz

  6. I don't think you should be apolozising for that, it's your private life and that's seriously your kind of thing. Sure, maybe it looked a bit odd to some of the people that you had a new boyfriends "so fast" but they don't know the circumstances and so you shouldn't be concerned. I know this community for quite a time and it's fun for seeing all the pictures and talk with fellow gyarus but when it comes down to it, a lot of haters and horrible people are around there. I don't know how you feel, I just think that you should really give a damn about it and when you feel like talking about your current situation do it, or not, the people who follow your blog (including me) do it for you, for the things you post and personally I don't judge people that fast whom I don't really know in person. Keep going and don't let other people bring you down, these people are mostly the most insecure ones.

    The shoes are amazing *-* and all the lashes look super cute!

  7. Zomg someone actually did that? What?! Aaargh that's soo annoying D: Don't listen to them, they're not worth your time <3
    I agree with the comment above that you should not be apologizing for anything ^^ So yeah, just hold your head up high and carry on ^^

    Also, lovin' the things yoou bought! *__*

  8. I acutually found your blog through that secret lol. I didn't really read it all but I remember thining "ah that girl looks cute" haha. Maybe you should be more careful about posting personal things like that on the internet. On another note THAT STITCH KEYRING IS SO CUTEEEEEE♥♥

  9. Lass das von G_s nich so sehr auf dich wirken...du hast dich auf keinen Fall für das was du tust zu entschuldigen! Manche 'secrets' dort sind einfach...bescheuert. Größtenteils entstehen sie aus Neid, da kann mir einer sagen was er will.
    Jedenfalls wünsche ich dir viel Glück & das dein Leben bald wieder geregeltere Formen annimmt!!

    Das Pinky Anhängertierchen da hab ich in Grün ♥
    Und Odaiba mochte ich eigentlich auch sehr...warst du in Venus Forte? Unglaublich teuer - aber hübsch xD

  10. hey cutie!!
    ärger dich nicht über das secret, es ist eine frechheit, das sich da manche einmischen.
    Die haben einfach langeweile. Oder sind neidiisch oder sonst was.
    Ich ärger mich schon gar nicht mehr.
    Es tut mir auf jeden Fall leid das du eins bekommen hast und verstanden habe ich es schon mal gar nicht !!!
    Ich liiieeebbee deine neuen Sachen *___* !!!!!
    XDD Jetzt mach ich darüber auch ein secret :mann hat die olle tolle sachen XDD *scherz*
    kussi !!
    Also kopf hoch honey ^---^<3

  11. I don't like this community, they just judge ppl and criticize them, but I think these girls (and boys)should look at themselves into a mirror. I think you don't need to be sorry, this is your life and you can do whatever you want, nobody have to judge you! Maybe the person who wrote this was just jealous and maybe most of them have never been to Japan. And about your readers don't worry!! they'll still follow your blog, if they don't maybe they're just stupid...
    I will still follow your blog! ;)
    Kiss² and don't be sad! Keep smiling =)

  12. Damn .... Girls are real bitchies sometimes =_=
    like you said , I thought it was onlu about make up and fashion !
    well , I wont post on it then ._.
    For me this girl is a jealous one and/or cant understand the feeling -_-

    date with an other bf doesnt mean we moved on and not broken.

    I hope you wont be too much affected by these stupids gals :)
    I think I could understand you, Im dating with a j-rocker and many treated me like a bitch a fan girl ._.
    people are horrible sometimes and juge things they are not able to feel.

    I hope you enjoyed you stay in Japan :p
    ~ <3

  13. Don't be sorry for anything!
    Break ups are hard,
    and the way you're feeling is normal
    You're also really lucky to have your new boyfriend support you!
    It's not like you rushed from one to another
    I think a lot of people are jealous of you, don't take it seriously!
    Keep on doing what you love!! (:

  14. ich fine nicht, dass du dich für dein verhalten entschuldigen musst oder dass es jemand anderen etwas angeht (vorallem jemanden der dich gar nicht kennt) was du tust.
    ich bin froh für dich, dass es dir wieder besser geht ♥

    lg :D

  15. Was zum Henker?? Ist das so ne Art Forum, wo die dann das Bild hochgeladen haben, oder wie?

    Naja, finde du hast nichts schlimmes gesagt/getan whatever!

  16. I so agree with you! At first I was really in the Gal fashion and everything, but I think it's a shame that some girls just try to ruin it for everyone else.
    But no matter how people chose to do the style and etc, personal life and relationship are not other people's business.. >_>;;

    And so what, if you still had a picture of you and your ex when you'v got a new bf? Your ex could still mean a lot to you/be a good friend.. So what is the problem?? Really??
    People who don't know what's been going on and is going on in your (love) life should just gtfo, seriously.

    Btw. I think you took the secret very well and you wrote your 'answer' to it very nicely!

    I really like your blog and you are really cute! ^0^
    Stay happy <3

  17. huhu,
    also ...
    ich veerfolge deinen Blog auch schon ein Weilchen.
    Habe jetzt den neuen g_s eintrag gelesen und dachte mir auch WTF??? und habe gleich deinen Blog angeschaut und ICH habe es nun wirklich nicht so empfunden, dass du deine festen Freunde austauschst O.o
    Da hat jemand einfach was gegen dich, oder ist neidisch.
    Finde es toll zu lesen, dass du versuchst das aus der Welt zu schaffen mit diesem Post, hättest du aber echt nicht machen müssen Herzchen !!!
    Ich finde das ist ganz alleine DEIN Ding und du musst dich nicht bei Leuten aus#m Internet rechtfertigen für deine Gefühlsachterbahn die du gerade fährst !!!
    Ich wünsche dir jedenfalls alles Gute <3

    Darfst auch gerne mal in meinem Blog schauen, auch wenn ich zZ keine Fotos laden kann, weil meine Kamera schrott ist ;A;



  18. ~♥
    ich weiß nicht genau was die ganze geschichte mit deinen Ex und so ist ,aber es ist mir auch egal. Und das sollte es anderen auch sein. Ich hoffe nur du bist glücklich so wie es jetzt ist ,und ignoriere einfach alle die über dich urteilen ohne dich nur zu kennen. Auch wenns schwer ist :/
    Schließlich geht dein Privatleben niemanden etwas an. Ich hoffe du nimmst dir das nicht zu sehr zu Herzen. Viel glück und lass dich nicht unterkriegen ☆
    Ausserdem tolle sachen von von KOJI . Kannst du mir bitte vielleicht sagen was genau für eine Nummer die Wimpern haben und wie du sie findest?
    Bin nämlich am überlegen welche ich mir kaufe.
    Wäre nett von dir :3

  19. I don't think you should worry about g_s. There are a lot of haters on there that have nothing better to do but make up lame "secrets" about people they don't know.
    Half of them don't make sense, and half are from people who obviously have no lives at all. So, just blow it off and don't be sorry.

    ANNND ~ Esperanza is kind of a middle of the road shoe store. They aren't junky, and they're a really high quality brand, but they aren't the very very top. I love shopping there. <3

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  21. Lass dich doch von solchen Leuten nicht runterziehen...
    Dein Liebesleben geht doch niemanden was an. Mach alles so wie du es für richtig hältst. Du brauchst dich meiner Meinung nach auch vor niemandem zu rechtfertigen... Ist doch dein Leben. Hauptsache du bist glücklich! ♥

    Ich würde mich wirklich über weitere Bilder aus Japan freuen!!!
    Bei mir wirds wohl noch etwas dauern, bis ich wieder rüber kann... ;_____;

  22. Waaah~ der Stitchanhänger ist ja sooooo süß!!!
    Und in drei Monaten geht's schon wieder hin, ich find es toll das du extra dafür arbeitest.
    Ich würde auch gerne wieder nach Japan aber momentan siehts echt schlecht aus, ich sollte mir auch nen Nebenjob suchen, dann würde das vierleicht nicht mehr ganz so lange dauern!XD
    Das mit der Gyaru Secrets Sache finde ich auch sch***e aber man kann die Leute ja nicht dra Hindern sowas einzuschicke das einzige was man machen kann ist den Eintrag über sich gleich nach der Veröffentlichung wieder entfernen zu lassen, das machen die Betreiber der Seite immerhin! Mach dir deswegen nicht den Kopf, du weit es immerhin besser.
    Übrigens find ich süß dass du dich deswegen entschuldigst! ^-^

  23. http://ayuready2rock.blogspot.com/

  24. I would just ignore what's on GS tbh. Most of it is just loads of people who are too insecure to make themselves feel better without bashing someone else. These people dont know you and are not part of your life and so you shouldn't care what they say or think about you. Live for the people who matter, you know?

    I hope GS hasn't upset you too much ^_^.


  26. your blog is awesome! *_______*
    thanks for sharing all magazines photos!
    LOVE IT!
    Iam starting to love Gyaru Style! I was searching about this and found your blog!
    ill add and come here more often!
    big kisses from Brazil XD

  27. Hey you got an award!! ♥


  28. great shoes !
    and nice blog;)

    greetings from Poland;)!

  29. Hallo,

    ich wollte mich nur bedanken für das kommentar (was schon drei wochen her ist >_<)!

    Und du bekommst einen blogger award von mir weil ich dich und deinen style wirklich süß finde ;3