Mittwoch, 18. April 2012

☆彡OMG! Sorry for no Posting....I'm BACK! VK-Live, Make-up, Clothes and new Plans for JAPAN☆彡 HEAVY PICTURES

(I'm thinking about to my first CIRCLE LENSES, but I wanted to ask you, my readers, what do I have to know? Should I go to an Eye-Doctor first;I've never used lenses in my life before, or it's ok if I just watch a video in youtube e.g. how to put them in and out?)
Then, Where should I buy them (Internet-shop?)
And which one are good for a Gyaru-make-up?

Hey my dear Readers!(。・ε・。)
I really have to apologize that I didn't posted for a long time...(ノω・、) ウゥ・・
These days somebody on Tumblr asked me why I always need so long to make a new post!
Well, this time I really have a reason (._.) Since some weeks I have to study for my final exams -
The result will decide if I can go to a universtiy or not (In German: Abiturprüfungen!)
Also I think, my posts are boring, when I'm not in Japan?? I'm not sure what to write about....My life is so normal/boring (;_;)
I'm really sorry but I'm happy that my readers do not unfollow me (><);
I really appreciate it!!(つω`*)
And thank you for your comments! I will answer them all but PLEASE be patient with me (T T);

Soooo, because at the moment I'm having my final exams I don't have to go to school anymore ( NO MORE MATH!! YAY )
But our last week at school (26.-31. march) we always go to school wearing funny costumes in Germany!(*´σー`)
We can choose the topics :)

We had :
Monday: Ourselfs in 60 years (but I didnt wear a costume at this day -_-)
Tuesday: Heros of our Childhood
Wednesday: Animals
Thursday: Doctors and Nurses
Friday: Special T-shirt for our Graduation

Well, I'm not sure if you are interested but I will post some pictures of these days because we looked quite funny in my opinion haha

Monday Ourselfs in 60 years (I just found some pictures of my classmates, but they looked so CUTE!! haha)

The next day was Heros of our childhood. My grandma had a costume for me, so I didn't had to buy one!
It should resemble Jeannie! It looks a little different but I think it was ok :)

Group picture! Maybe you notice some ''Heros'' ;) I'm the neon-pink one!

Please notice the PIKACHU in the bachground! haha

Wednesday Animals ( I wore a costume which my grandma gave me when I was around 9 or 10? Luckily I didn't get taller much :)

Well yeah,,,It was a little too short BUT nevermind! lol

Im down in the first row, right, you can't see me well ><

Next day was Doctors and Nurses!

We also had a BIIG Confetti(?) bag we threw around in the school, sadly,,,, we had to clean it afterwards ,,,

Our BIG CONFETTI-thingyy!

For the last day we had the topic ''Scrubs'' like the TV show, you know it?

We designed our shirt a little different.

On this picture you can see it!

 Maybe only german readers can understand it haha

We had an Idea for the ''Abigag'', we wanted to fill our ''Foyer/Lobby'' with lots of ballons, but we were only around 30 people and it just needed tooo long time so we ended up like this!

My make up for that day!

 Afterwards we had a little ''party'' together after our 8 years together!

 Well, I have mooore pictures but I don't want to make you too bored so that's all of this topic now :)

I also had a small ''shooting'' with my friend Eileen! But I don't have all pictures yet so I can post only some :(
But in the next post I can show you more pictures (´3`)<3

 I wore my CecilMcBee jacket and my sister gave me her MA*RS Cardigan with bunny ears!!
Well, the ears you will see in the other pictures ! ;)

Here's a picture of me and her while going out :) (It's Prisma again - for german readers ;)
She is really my best friend and I hope we can go out again soon!! I like to make party with her!!

She doesn't like this picture - orz

Okay~ Now some outfit and make up pictures of me I made during the months - Hope you enjoy them!


 2) - Sorry for the bad quality- My sister made me a hair bun!


 4) A little more ''Heavy  make up''

5) Make up from the ''shooting'' day

6)  Oh~ I forgot to tell you that I went to a Visual kei live since a loooong time!(*゚ー゚)ゞ
           My sister won 4 tickets for the Megaromania Live in Bochum-Germany! So I went
           there with my mom and my sister! We had a lot of fun I have to admit 
           that I miss Visual kei conercts! Maybe we'll go together to one in Japan(´・ω・`)!
           My mom and my sister went there already too much concerts
           (Pictures of our Outfits might follow ''here'' soon!!)

The ''CROWD'' All were so dark and we were...BRIGHT haha

7) Summer clothes!

8) Make up - shots

9) The last outfit post is inspired by the japanese school uniforms, which I adore and my Maid Cosplay

OMG I didnt wear a shirt here but it was so difficult with my extensions haha lol

Okay other Topic~

Since January I didn't see my boyfriend which makes me very sad right now...
But he sent me some letters and small presents :)

He printed these pictures of us for me! So cute!

I love his Handwriting, it's actually better than mine! And the second picture ....That was so super adorable-cute! I HAD to post it (Sorry to my boyfriend haha He would kill me if he knew that I posted this I lovee youu baby haha)☆彡

He also included these things! ( Sorry some pictures are reverse(?) I'm not sure how to change it because when I upload them they are not reverse....Σ(●´艸`●)ぇ???)

 They are soooo delicious! Also the cookies are really PINK(  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;)

My Iphone cases! The pink one I bought by myself in Tokyo in January! The bread case (which also smells like bread or something) my boyfriend sent me!!

Well, I'm not sure but I think my mom, sister and me will go to Tokyo/Japan again in June/July because then I'm finally done with my exams and the Graduation party (something like a Prom/ It's on 23. June!( ´_つ`))

I hope we can book the tickets soon and we can stay for around 2-3 weeks!!! I can't wait to meet my boyfriend!!ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

Theeeeeen I got some new make up!

Im not sure, if I should do a Make up Tutorial or not, actually my make up routine is so so normal...So maybe I won't do it(´艸`)

Until then, please take care my lovely readers!!(๑◕‿←๑)!

Oh and PS: If you have something that I should post about, you can tell me it (e.g. ''What's in your bag?'')
Or if you have any other questions, ask me on FORMSPRING!