Montag, 22. August 2011

Gyaru Secrets and Japan in some hours....

Hi cuties~
This time i will write with normal letters and not romaji :)
Also, this will be a very short entry, SORRY m(_ _)m
I just came home from my dad's house (I'm there every two weeks on the weekends!)
and it's already nearly 0.00 ! I have to wake up in 2 hours (>_<)
because we have to drive to the airport then....
I think i won't sleep....Or should I?? 
I still have to pack and check some things....I always think i forgot something...
Oh~ I will probably drive a little to the airport becauseeeeee.....

I GOT MY DRIVERS LICENSE!!!! Im so happy about it and i like to drive!

Moreover i got my HeadKandy extensions! I will show you some pictures in Japan!
I'm so tired now... 
And as soon as i arrived in Japan and i have time i will write back comments to everyone of course!

Oh and at the end, I looked at Gyaru secrets and there was a picture of me(><)
I was SO SO SO surprised! As you know, there was already 1 post about me a little ago 
but this was more negative than positiv! 
But this time its a cuuuute secret!!
I was kind of embarrassed that there was such a BIG picture of me when i scrolled down haha
But i want to say thanks to the one who wrote it! REALLY!
It gives me power to continue my blog and style!
Also thanks to the positiv comments under the picture <3

Ok! Thats all for now~
Hope you all enjoy to read my blog! 
I hope i can make some good entries from Japan!!
So stay tuned and take care everyone~