Samstag, 13. August 2011

~Going to Japan in 9 days and some old (VISUAL KEI) pictures of me because of the poll result....haha Heavy pictures~

Hello cuties~
How have you been?
Im actually sorry that i do not blog that often!
But i think if i do it only sometimes i have more 
interesting things and pictures which i can show you!
So it is not THAT boring for you haha!(;-ω-)ノ
I made a TUMBLR account since there are so many inspirering pictures!
You can add me, I would be very happy and also you can ask me what you want! Im happy to answer your questions(๑╹◡╹๑ )

Mostly i blog or reblog about Japanese fashion or just funny random stuff! (´・ω・`)

Well~ As you can see my countdown has reached 9 days!(´艸`)
I will fly to Japan with my mom in a week and some days!
We already started to prepare everything- for example buying
some cosmetics or making a list what we need to pack!
Im really happy i am able to fly with my mom or sisters always there
Alone, maybe i would be too scared and also its so much fun^^
Its also a great thing if many of your family memebers are interested in one same thing! In my case its Japan and the culture there!

Ok anyways,  there is something else special!
We will fly with JAL!!!!!!!!!!@(・●・)@
I always wanted to fly with it but it was so expensive~
But now we can YAAAAAAAAAAAAY(๑◕‿←๑)
Here some pictures of our booking~

Sorry for the bad quality but as you can see we will stay there in Japan from the 22. August - 5. September which means i can celebrate Yusukes Birthday TOGETHEEER with him (Its on the 1. september)
And this makes me sooo happy!( ^▽^)σ)~0~)プニッ♪
But i still need a present for him since he told me he does not want a present which i bought in Japan (because actually i think the clothes and the stuff in Japan is cooler than in germany).
Sooo, i think i will go to PRIMARK which is maybe same to H&M!
But the problem is, i never went there before....

So do you maybe know if they have clothes for boys?? And if so, are they cool?Σ(●´艸`●)ぇ???
 really need some help><
Then i got some more good news! Some time ago i got my first real job, and also worked in our own family company at the same time to get some money!
This week i finally got my money! ( ゚∀。)
Sorry again for the bad quality! For those who cant read the number: 
I got 545,13 euro!!! Its so much for me~
Of course i will try to use only a little and save some money!
For the next Japan trip, a new mobile phone and of course for my car!(≧ω≦。)
Oh I will have my practical test on the 19!( ´_つ`) If i can pass, i can finally drive a car !!!! Wish me luck cuties~

Then i would have some questions, in my last post many of you helped and recommend me some shops for hair clip extensions!
I was so happy about your help! I decided maybe i will buy at HEAD KANDY! I will show you after i ordered and got them!(๑◕ܫ◕

Ok!  Now to my new questions!
1) In Japan i want to buy some make up (foundation?) I heard that BB cream? is good but i dont know what it is, where can i buy it and how much is it....Somebody have experiences? 
2) Im thinking about to buy a japanese mobile phone buuuut i do not know if i can use it in germany then? Also can i have a normal internet flat-rate? I think not but i just wanted to ask if you have some tipps or ideas(´・ω・`) 

Noooow i will post some old pictures of me because you decided it on my poll haha!!
But i have to say sometimes i looked reallllly horrible(´艸`)

You can see the date. It was the   J-SHOCK  in germany! Im the one with pink hair on the left, the other one in my sister in the right with pink hair! I forgot what bands played there... Maybe GIRUGAMESH, AN CAFE, BIS, and Guitar wolf!(#^∇^#)
Here is also a flyer of the event:


Another concert was Ayabie in 2007 also, I was kind of hyper after this day...(◎>∀<◎)

On the way to cologne! Me, my mom (she didnt like her face here haha) and my sister!
 My mom and my other sister !!❤(๑→ܫ←人→ܫ←๑)❤

Yeah well, its me haha

I think its pretty cool that we went to the concerts as a family, it was so much fun these moments and we got some cool new friends which we really liked!★≡(−_^)


Then here, Huumh i dont know i think it was MIYAVI? This day was horrible. It was raining AAALL day and TOO MANY PEOPLE!!!(;-ω-)ノ
One girl got her arm broken during the entrance because all people pushed too much!!! (  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;)

My sister, Mom and me!! With styled hair haha(  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;)

Wooow loved my greaaaaat make up hahaha Too funny when i see it now!(  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;)

Here are we all together on one picture!

 German fans waited for Miyavi hahahaヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

Dont ask me, I dont even know what i was thinking when i took that picture haha


Then another concert! D=OUT ! Sorry no pictures of me but my sisters, my mom and me were the first people there that day!

My two sisters were the first at the concert hall, my mom and me came later because of work and school! But they helped us that we got number 3 and 4!! So happy!!(。・ε・。)


 Ok then one of our last concerts ( actually we went to around 10 concerts more but 1) I dont find all pictures now and 2) If i put pictures of every concerts where we went it will be a MEGA BIG PICTURE POST haha)
Maybe i can post more when i am able to find some more!

That was AOI! The concerts tickets were around 5 euro only!!!(  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;)
We didnt really know him or his music but we went there for fun and at the end we really likes some of his songs!(*´σー`)

Concerts hall!
On this day i wore a cosplay! Its from ....Mmmh Yuri? from Oh my god i forgot the band name >< 
Anyway i didnt wear the complete cosplay because it was TOO hot!(*゚ー゚)ゞ
But i kind of liked it (So i do STILL!!)
Maybe i will show you it one day complete but now my hair is not good for it ><
Anyways, for all who doesnt know AOI, here is a picture (as i said, i didnt know him before too haha)♫~(⌒。⌒●)

Some other random visual kei pictures!

Fans waiting for another Ayabie live!

Meeting a Visual kei friend!

Our 2. gazette concert! They had BIG busses and cars!

Meeting a new friend at Gaztte concert!

Mix speakers inc

I think im not SO much embarrassed showing this in the internet. Everybody has a past and im not ashamed of it. This part of my life was really positiv, the music and the concerts made me and my family always happy and im happy we have these memories.
And i have to say, when i look at these pictures (especially at the last ones from the AOI concert) I MISS MY PINK HAIR !!
But its ok maybe i will try it someday again!
Now i have another goal! I hope you enjoyed my pictures and you could smile about me!
I really like Japan since me and my family (except my small brother and my dad aaaand grandparents haha) watched sailor moon!(=◕ ε ◕=) 9
Then we started to like the music and theeeen we flew to Japan.
This time will be my 5. time there and im still in love with this country and the culture and everything!
Okay thats enough for now, I dont want to make you bored too much!
I also got some new clothes which i want to show you!

First, this super cute Jumpsuit!(つω`*) I saw it on some germany gyaru blogs and i just wanted to have it also because they looked really good in it!!
Then i found it, while i was shopping with my mom, on sale! Not 30 euro, onls 15 euro!! I bought it! Haha ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

Then i want to know, is it the same she is wearing????(  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;)

Looks so same! But im not 100% sure because i thought it is not sold in Japan.Σ(●´艸`●)ぇ???

Another shirt which i bought. I like the print of it! Reminds me on the 80s.ヽ(*'0'*)ツ

The pants i also bought. Sorry i know it doesnt really match but at first i was too tired to change the shirt....haha Lazy me!!

 Love them!! They are in a pastel colour!(☆。☆)

Then i change the shirt....I think this matches better together.

I like these shoes, bought them in april in Harajuku but its difficutl to wear them, because of the colour....somehow....‎( °、°)

Then i wanted some colourful make up!
I liek this colour but i dont know how to apply it well. I have to ask my sister first haha Stupid me!!

Then i want to show you a picture of my room....I have to clean it because i have to pack my clothes soon!! Always i start packing on the last day- And this is a baaad bad idea!(๑╹◡╹๑ )

Dont be shocked please ....Im a girl but...My room is so untidy always:

 And thats my suitcase, I put a normal school Notebook inside so you can see how big it is (TOO SMALL FOR ME!!

Now some pictures of my make up/face and then this post is finished! FINALYYYY Haha!!

 Didnt wear lower lashes...I was too lazy! I hope i can buy some good new lower lashes in Tokyo!!

 Then i changed to my sleeping wear: My Care Bear Yukata from Tokyo!

Ugh, I dislike my pictures...Im never 100% happy so i need to make always around 10000 pictures...(つω`*)

At the end, I want to show you some pictures of Yusuke again~ My cute boy!(´艸`)

I will definatly write another entry before i fly to Japan! So take care my cute followers and have a niiiice week~

(人-ω-)。o.゚。*・★Good Night★・*。゚o。(-ω-人) おやすみ~

He got a new phone(maybe samsung galaxy the new one?i dont know) and he was soo happy! Cute~

(Oh my god, this entry took me around 2 hours...
Im so tired now( ´_つ`)

Ps: Sorry for those who do not like or cant read my  Romaji-letters....(><) I thought its cute so i didnt know some of you dislike it (T T) I apologize for it and i will change it in the next entry, not in this because its just toooo much writing; hope you understand this! Thanks for reading~


  1. heeey^^ schöner eintrag^^
    ich hätte vll ein paar anworten:
    1. BB cream ist eine innovation aus asien (garnier entdeckt es jezt auch für den westen aber keine ahnung wie das is XD). BB cream soll die haut heller aussehen lassen und hilft für einen ebenmäßigen und makellosen teint sieht aber nicht angemalt aus. eine sehr beliebte ist die BB cream in so ner pinken dose(weiß nich mehr wie die heißt)..eine andere beliebte ist die "Missha BB Cream" - die benutze ich^^ gib mal bei ebay "missha bb cream" so ne braun/rote packung, sehr günstig bei ebay und echt gut^^

    2. handy: also eine freundin von mir hat ein japanisches handy "softbank" - das is so ein anbieter extra für ausländer, da können ausländer billiger miteinander telefonieren und so..sie hat ihr handy auch hier und es funzt. infomirere dich bei zeiten mal über eine "hypersim-card", die sind extra für asiat. handys damit sie hier funzen. aber pass auf mit dem zoll. die sind sehr streng bei in asien gekaufter elektronik, kann teuer werden..

    viel spaß in Japan und viel Glück beim Führerschein^^ ich bin auch dabei (;o;)
    hoffe, ich konnte dir ein bisschen helfen^^
    deine ganzen outfits sind sooo toll und du siehst wie immer supersüß aus^^
    aber ich hätte ne kleine bitte..ich mag deinen blog echt aber diese Romaji-Schrift ist sehr anstrengend..die verteilt sich über den ganzen Bildschirm und is sehr schwer zu lesen;O; vll nimmst du ne andere schrift? wär toll^^

  2. Woah ich wünscht ich hätt so viel geld dahin zu fliegen. oO

  3. You are sooo lucky you get to go to Japan, again D: I'm so jealous ;___;

    Also, loving the leopard print t-shirt you got! It's beautiful <3

    You're looking pretty as always ^^

  4. aww luckyyy!! I want to go to Japan soon too ):.
    Love the things you bought :). You look so cute <3

  5. pls post a looot of pic after u came bck from japan~ can't wait XD~

    and oh, Can I invite you to join my GIVEAWAY-Korean BB creams , thank you ^^

  6. Gosh! You are gonna have a blast soon hun!;)
    Enjoy the time being with your bf!

  7. Hey...
    Erstmal danke fuers follown~
    Ich finde deine blog richtig suess ^o^
    Wie ich dich beneide, dass du nach Japan gehst XD
    Aber es ist schoen dass du den geburtstag von deinem Freund mit ihm zusammen feierst :)

    Ich hoffe du geniesst deine Reise :3

  8. So cute!
    I remember when I used to dress Visual Kei and cosplay! How fun!

  9. also, der jumpsuit auf dem foto der japanerin ist von d.i.a

    bb cream ist original von dr. scholl verkauft sich auch am besten in japan. und dr. scholl ist deutsch, aber extra für asiatischen markt produziert. soll aber nur was bringen wenn du ne hellere haut möchtest, bzw kannst du dir auch helleres mak eup kaufen ^^;

    und japanische handys also internet klappt hier zu 99.99% nicht.

    telefonieren und sms mit hypersim ja ^^; beim japanischen handy musst du gucken was für ein "netzt" oder wie da sheisst haben obs wie ind eutschland ist. sonst bringt dir hypersim auch nix ^^;

  10. hey <3
    danke für deinen lieben kommi *___* <333
    ohhh du fliegst auch nach Japan??? *0*
    ich auch <3 bist du in Tokyo???
    wenn ja, hastu vielleicht lust auf ein treffen?
    purikura oder karaoke? :) etc~
    ich bin ab 1.9. da :D
    viele liebe grüße <3

  11. Thanks for your comment !!!

    I love the jumsuit !! is totally lovely !! i want it !

    I have a translator in my blog, at right sidebar !

  12. I was waiting so long for your next post ww!
    omg wish you so much fun in japan! ^3^

    if your looking for some good jap make up, I know most people say bb cream ww but I tried it and because its just toned cream I dont use it as 100% make up lol I would say really good jap make up is "kate" or "majolica majorca" :3 (but most japanese are using foreign brands like chanel and dior lol)
    and unfortunately as a foreigner you cant buy a mobile phone in japan except prepaid softbank mobile phones (which to find at donkey etc). if you want to buy a normal mobile phone you need to have a visa and a bank account in japan...(cause they are all with a contract)
    ..and like most of them you cant use in germany anyway X_X

    sry for the long comment XD
    & your so cute *_*

  13. Thanks for your comments always, so kind! ♥

    Well, it depends, sometimes they have super fashionable things at primark, but sometimes you just think "wtf?" at the moment there is so much simpsons and family guy, I don't like this tshirt pics... :(
    but they have many blazers!

    And if YOU search something, you will find it!
    There is so much for girls haha

  14. viel spaß in japan :D
    und man diese visuu phase xD die hatten glaube ich alle xD :D mag ich irgendwie
    und boah bist du hübsch ;u; wo hast du die lashes her??

  15. Hab dich eh in meinen BLogRoll :) Bekomm eimmer mit wenns was neues gibt ;)

    Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar :)

  16. ohh~ so thats the romaji-letters?
    I am having quite a hard time to read on it~
    but u're so considerate to know what your readers want~
    You're too sweet =D

  17. Well, I have to tell you that your entries are never boring <3 Posting older pics of you is totally cute ^-^
    Um, I only know that if you want to buy a mobile then it should be unlocked so you can use back in Germany.
    So happy about this post, can't wait for the next one \(^3^)/

  18. Used to have a Visual Kei period too. It's almost painfull to look a old pictures on myself in that ugly period .. lol XD
    Hope you will have a nice trip in Japan and good luck with the family meetup ^^

  19. you are one of the most pretty gaijin gal bloggers i found so far^3^

    Wish you much fun in japan with your family and love(*^^*)

  20. wow have a nice trip then ;3
    You look really adorable too;.;
    I loved everyone hair´s colors ;3

  21. Thank you for the comment back hun ^^
    Hahah, my pictures is pretty much deleted. I only have a few i have hidden far away. Maybe i will show them some day :3 I bought the jacket online on Makiko and i super love it. Can't wait for winter so i can wear it ^^ Yeah doo that ! :O alot of pictures. I haven't been to Japan before but hopefully i will go in November so i need alot of idea were to go shopping and eating and stuff ^^

  22. HalliHallu~ <33

    Ich wünsch dir ganz viel Spaß in Japan *-* <3
    und viel Glück mit dem Führerschein x333
    Ich drück dir dann die DÄumchen ♥ :3
    Ich mache auch gerade meinen Führerschein x33
    hatte letzte Woche meine 1.Fahrstunde *-*

    Ich will auch nach Japan! ;w;
    Ich war noch nie da v_v Ich hoffe das es vllt nächstes Jahr klappt...aber das doofe ist meine beste freundin hat nicht den selben Urlaub wie ich ;w;... und alleine mag ich natürlichauch nicht >.<
    Mal sehen was kommt x33 *hihi*

    aww~ *-*
    Ich mag die ganzen Bilder von dir :3
    aber so wie du jetzt bist, finde ich das am Besten :3 hehe <333

    vielen dank nochmal für dein Kommi ♥ :3
    freut mich voll <33

    Bubble Tea ist echt liebe ♥
    hast du es denn jetzt schonmal hier probiert? ♥

    Ich werde auch bald mal mehr posten ♥ Versprochen >////<

    Liebe Grüße :3

  23. love the pics :)
    BTW i like your blog,im your new follower,i hope you'll follow back :)

  24. Danke für's followen *-* Ich "les" dich jetzt auch (;

    Viel Spaß in Japan, mach viele tolle Fotos, ja? ^^

    PS.: Visu-Phase, ftw!

  25. Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar und für das "verfolgen" (^____~)
    Ich lese deine Posts immer gerne :3

    hahahaha~ Ich war zwar kein Visu, aber auch auf vielen von diesen Konzerten... xD xD

    Ich wünsche dir ganz viel Spaß in Japan - genieße die Zeit mit deinem Freund... (Ich weiß ja auch was es heisst eine Fernbeziehungen auf diese Entfernung zu führen :___:)

    uund viel Glück und Spaß beim Führerschein...
    Bin froh dass ich den schon lang hinter mir hab xD

    Ich beneide dich um deine Klamotten... so schön
    -Bist eh so süß ❤

  26. omg this is pics heavy for real baby!!!!

    as to the leopard jumper you bought for 15 Euro ,in Japan the SAME jumper has D.I.A as brand name!! I also saw it being sold with another tag but can't remember


  27. Ich glaub wir haben uns früher öfter mal auf konzerten gesehen aber nie miteinander geredet hahaha
    Und die selben lila schuhe aus harajuku hab ich auch, ich find die total schick x3

  28. Ahah I've had my j-rock times too~! x3 As you said, it's part of the past and not that embarassing~~ Gyaru is still definelty more beautiful! :'D
    Those clothes are cute on you, I love the shorts especially!

  29. I love those mint shorts of yours><
    I wish I had something in that color^^ <3
    You have gone to so MANY concerts><
    Japanese musicians will never come to Iceland-.-'
    But I have gone to one with Miyavi on my stay in Japan, it was so AWESOME><


  30. Omg your jumpsuit is so freakin cute :)


  31. Heyy mie ! I'm replying to your comment on my blog :)
    If you want, you can add me on skype!
    my skype is "tia.ell"

    Anyways yeah, I will go back to Japan next summer for 2 months :) I'll graduate next year so that means that I can stay with my boyfriend

    I'll be in Osaka most of the time but I'm gonna travel to Tokyo for maybe 1 week? I don't know yet ~ I have a few friends in Tokyo so I have to go there haha

    by the way, thanks for following me and commenting ! I was really happy :)

  32. I dunno if the guys commented here have ever been to Japan but it doesn't seem so XD;;
    I've never seen BB Creams here apart from at the official Missha Stores. And even those, I saw one in Yokohama and the other one in Shibuya but the creams were hella expensive. Better buy them over the internet. They are NOT Japanese, but popular in Japan too.
    Though Chanel, RMK, KATE are still the most poupluar brands for foundation I'd say. I use Kate, it's the lightest foundation you can get anywhere.

    As for phones... you can't get one without an alien registration card, which will take two weeks to even issue. I doubt you will need a phone. You can only buy a prepaid phone anyways because the others have a contract of at least 6months.
    And I've never heard of anyone selling a Hypersim here... that's just ebay business, if you want to spend like 400€ on a blingy japanese phone XD; Kinda, bullshit.

    Hope that could help you. If you want, let's meet up while you're here. I'm only here until August 27th though, haha. But anyway, let me know and I hope you'll have fun anyway!!

    Oh and that jumpsuit looks cool on you :D Nice legs, girl!

  33. Thanks!! ^-^ i'm back now lol and I've to Biarritz dont know if u's a city from South west of France, a really nice city btw ^^

    wow this is a long post ! oo' but I liked it!! =D btw you're really different now from your visual kei period, it also suited you well ^^
    oh and I'm in love with your Jumpsuit!!! *o* lol

  34. Ooooh *_________*
    Du hast ja wirklich alte Bilder drin. Wie nieeedlich. >////3/////<
    Teilweise sind sie echt supersupersüß. *zusammenreißen muss um dich nicht tod zu knuddeln* xD aaawwwwww XD Ich mag deine Röcke.

    Und ich finds toll, dass du so eine tolle Familie hast. Die mit dir auf Konzerte gehen. wooow. *-*

    Sooo und.. ich liebe deine Beine immernoch. Q-Q
    So schön. Viel Spaß in Japan. :3

  35. Du bist sehr sehr hübsch und süß *o*
    Freu mich dassu auch meinen Blog stalkst x3

    Die Outfits *____* du siehst echt toll aus! Schöne Figur auch und so ;D

    Find ich auch toll dass deine Familie mit dir auf Konzerte geht ^^