Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

Hello from Japan!Many pictures :)

Hello cuties~

How have you been? Hope everything is alright!

As you might know im in japan now★≡(−_^)

I have to say i really missed it here very much!

Im here since saturday morning and also many happened!

First i met Yusuke, he was always so lovely to me after

The sad times....He became very important to me now!

Also i met his grandparents  (also his uncle and aunt)on sunday!

I was SUPER HYPER MUCH SCARED Because they cant talk a word 

in english and me neither in japanese><

When i entered the room they were so friendly to me but it was

too muuuch for me in this moment so i cried haha

Later on i felt more comfortable and it was a nice meeting

and they liked my presents from Germany!

Then they gave me also cute presents

Then they gave me and Yusuke money! (me: 10000Yen!!)

After this meeting we went to Kamakura because his grandparents live near it


Please ignore my stupid face on all pictures・・・・

Okay now some purikuras which we took together! :)

I have to say im really happy now ~ We know eachother now for over one year also and he was always there for me :) うれしいですね!!!(人´ω`).ア☆.リ。ガ.:ト
Of course i miss Satoru still, but i know i can survive with Yusukes help!!(´・ω・`)

Now some pictures of the clothes which i bought yesterday at Harajuku!

It all costs around 10000 yen ;; 
Dress 2,200 yen
White shirt 1,800 yen
Flower shirt 2,200 yen 
Socks, which i really LOVE, 700 yen
Shoes around 4000 yen

I want to go shopping there always ><

Oh also yusuke bought something for me><
The new Popteen magazine and this bag by cecil mc bee:
i really love it ! THANK YOU! <3

Now some random pictures at the end because im bored :) Yusuke is working and comes home around 22.00 (now 18.15)....

Looove japanese PIZZA~!!

Japanese television (shopping, just same like in germany haha)
Sorry for the MESS !! ww

It is Chiba today! SO WINDYYYYY!!!><

And at the end a picture of Yusuke ^^

Okie thats all for now!! Tomorrow i will maybe go to Tokyo again :)
Stay tuned my lovelies~ and take care of yourselfs!(◎>∀<◎)