Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

☆彡Some LIZ LISA Clothes and Holiday feeling、Japan here we come!☆彡

Hello Cuties~
How are you doing? Hope you are fine!
Well my poll about what i should make a new post has ended
and i want to say thanks to all who votet
As i can see the topic "Old pictures of me" won!
But in this post i will talk about my new LIZ LISA clothes first
The next post will be about my old pictures!
I hope this is ok for you~(´・ω・`)

Ok!then i wanted to say thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post~ I wrote some comments back already but i didnt had time for all yet...( ´_つ`) I will do it these days^^

Also in 2 weeks are finally holidays here in the part of Germany where I live (in some parts they have already holidays><)
Then i will finally go to Japan again!!I really cant wait!(≧ω≦。)

Ohhh~ So for my Japan holidays which will be my 5. time there, I got some LIZ LISA clothes!!!
I really love this brand but i cant buy clothes of it because its so expensive for me

But here are some pictures of that what i got (hope you like it!)
The shirts are LIZ LISA, sorry i was too lazy to find a good combination so i used always the same pants and shoes (๑◕‿←๑)



With this LIZ LISA dress i feel a little like a lolita haha~


Then a make up case? It is really cute i think^^

And the old (haha) isshue of Popteen!

Now some pictures of my make up (i know it is kind of messy again but i just had around 5 minutes time ;)

Well~ I didnt use bottum lashes because i was too lazy><
But when im in Japan next month i promise i do a good make up and you will see my LIZ LISA clothes better ;)

OOHMYGOD I want to be in Japan right now ;( I still miss Yusuke SO MUCH! Can you imagen it? (T-T)
It is so hard for me- my second far-distance relationship(><)
MMy classmates think im crazy maybe but Im ok with it^^
I know why Im doing this and for whom, so i can be strong!
I want to show you some pictures of him again~ He is so lovely!!!(´艸`)

OH MY GOD, for me he is so cute!!☆彡 I cant wait till he waits for me at the airport like always and then i can huuuuug him!
And Im still so excited that  i maybe can meet his parents! Haha sounds like a serious relationshiiiip haha :) Please cross your fingers that they will like and accept me 
IM SO SCARED!!!!!!!(゚c_、゚ )
Also i have to buy a birthday present for my boy ! And for his family when i will meet them☆彡

I bought last time already food and some stuff for them but now,,,,?
Do you have some ideas what can i buy for japanese grandparents, uncle and aunt, siblings and pareeeeents?‎( °、°)

Oh~ Im also thinking about to buy some extensions for me for Japan!
Can you give me some shops where they sell good (and real hair) extensions? 
I think i like HEAD KANDY but they are expensive and i need some money for Japan(・~・)

Well~ Thats all for now i think (><) 
Since some days i feel kind of sick so im tired always,,,
Maybe i need some sleep and HOLIDAYS and a HUG (Please a hug from Yusuke Haha)
Ok~ My mom and me have to prepare some thngs for our flight to Japan soon i think! So stay tuned I will post a new blog entry soon (HOPEFULLY!!)

Take care my cuties~