Samstag, 10. September 2011

☆彡Back from Japan, Gets, Pictures .... (PART 1)☆彡

こんばんは~げんきですか?(๑╹◡╹๑ )
Hi cuties!!~
Sorry! As you can see/read I'm back from my 2 weeks holiday in Japan!☆彡
And i didn't write anything when i was there....
I have to admit: I'M A LAZY GIRL!!!( ´_つ`)
I hope you can forgive me and I hope you can enjoy my pictures now!
We (Yusuke) and me didn't make so much pictures this time.
Me with our family camera and he with his mobile phone.(つω`*)
But it was an amazing holiday as always!
I already miss Japan now BUT we will fly to Japan this year again of course!!うれしいです
ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ
But i don't know yet when - I hope its soon!

Well, first of all I want to show you some pictures of CHIBA! There where Yusuke live and me too for a short period(;-ω-)ノ
It was SUPER HOT EVERY DAY!!(  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;)

I reeally love his city but we need around 1 hour to go to Tokyo...(゚c_、゚ )
Anyways, he will move to Tokyo someday, then it's d(ゝc_,・*)ок

Sorry, I forgot what we did exactly one what date...So i just show some pictures-Hope it's ok!(;-ω-)ノ

Waiting for the train in Chiba

Stalker picture hehe

Love this Tower!!

Then, we met his friend Daisuke! Sadly i do not have a picture of him...(ノω・、) ウゥ・・
I forgot to ask if he and Yusuke are ok to let me take a picture of them hahah 。・゚・(*ノ益`*)・゚・。
Ok~ Next time i will show you him! He was pretty cool and he liked american/english music!
He drove with us (yes! he had a car and could drive! So coooool~(´・ω・`)) to Yokohama i think.
I do not remember the name of the city but there was a beach and many people!
There was also a small Island which was connected with a bridge!
The weather was windy because this day the taifun came near....(´、ゝ`)

Here are some pictures of the beach! Sadly it was a little dark already and i couldn't go swimming haha (Even though i wore my bikini under my normal clothes ><)

Then they bought this little firework for me and we did it at the beach!! It seems japanese like to do this :) It was fun! But sadly i couldn't see the Mt. Fuji which i originally could see from a special place there....The weather was tooo bad (><)

The romantic Island!

Then we went to Odaiba! I love this "city"!! Also the night view is sooooo romantic....(´艸`)
Since Yusuke had birthday on the 01.September (and got 21!) he booked 2 Hotels for us! So we weren't home in Chiba for 3 days!❤(๑→ܫ←人→ܫ←๑)❤
First day, on 31. August we went to Odaiba and.....Guys, the nightview out of the hotel was SO AMAZING!
Of course on pictures and videos it is not as great as in real but i want to show you it!!

It was beautiful!!!

Oh, first of all, the hotel was called "Washington Hotel"! Here's a picture from the net because i didn't take one:

If you want you can google it! It was not too much expensive but had a nice view and looked so amazing inside and outside(*´σー`)

Our room looked kind of like this!

Ok~ now to my pictures!

Hotelview at daytime

At night-Sorry for bad quality!

Some more pictures of Odaida from the next day! 

Big sight

I think that's the rainbowbridge!

Biiig shoppingcenter in Odaiba!

There was a One piece convention(?) I saw it in TV first and then in real!

America....WAIT?! No, it's just Odaiba!

watching the view-so romantic!

At this day he also gave me a cute necklace!! When we watched the romantic view (><)
 Secretly I was hoping it is a ring (marry ring HAHA!!) but it's a cute heart necklace!!(*´σー`)
I was so happy about it!(#^∇^#)

Here is a picture:

Well, this was part one! I'm a little tired now and also i have maaany pictures to post!
So i decided to make another part soon for you!!( ゚∀。)
There will be more pictures of Japan and what i bought!! Also our purikura 
But one i can show you now already!d(ゝc_,・*)ок♪

Soooooo, next part will contain Yokohama, the visit at Yusuke's Grandparents, some pictures of Tokyo, more Purikura, my Gets aaaaaaaaaaaand my new plans for this
and next year with Japan!(。・ε・。)

So stay tuned and take care(๑◕‿←๑)