Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012

☆彡Back from Japan // Japan pictures and GETS and other thoughts...☆彡 HEAVY PICTURES

First, Im Sorry that this is a BIG post again but I didnt want to split my Japan trip into 2 parts, don't ask me why I don't know it haha Maybe I'm just lazy :-(

Hello cuties(´・ω・`)

It has been a while... I'm sorry I didn't write earlier!( ´_つ`)
First of all I want to say THANK YOU for all your lovely comments!☆彡
And of course I will write back a comment to all of you!
Please be a little patient with me(゚c_、゚ )

Anyways, as you might know I'm back in Germany since the 9. January and 
it was really a shooort holiday in Japan, still I'm very happy to had the oppurtunity to go there!
Thank you mom! (。・ε・。)

Nevertheless I hope we can go there again soon or that Yusuke can come to Germany!(*゚ー゚)ゞ
Additionally, my final exams will be in around 3 months....I'm very scared...
I will be testet in 4 subjects...
In writing: German, History and Biologie(!!!) 
Oral exam: English (_ _);
I hope you wish me luck...(ノω・、) ウゥ・・
Actually I'm not the type of girl who like to study...Sadly haha
But just now, I decided to do my best and to study as much as possible!!!
After it I'm not sure what to do but I'm sure I want to go to Japan for a longer period no matter what my dad or grandparents say lol
I want to do the JLPT but I'm not sure how to do----? Somebody can help me?Σ(●´艸`●)ぇ???
I asked a friend already and she said it's better to do a course for it (><)  
And I need to buy some books about it? If so, which are good??
Well, and then I might want to go to university to study Design! But not fashion design !! ( The university which i would liek to go has a "partner-university" in Japan(´・ω・`) )
Another thought of mine is to work at a Hotel which might give me also the chance to go to Japan later.

We'll see! 2 Days later I can apply myself maybe to the university for the winter course! 

Okay! Thats it~ I didn't want to bother you with boring stuff! (;-ω-)ノ
Now, let's talk about my 6. Japan trip!

I have some girls in my Facebook who has also japanese boyfriends and/or a far distace relationship...(ノ◇≦。)
And I don't know how you feel but my most FAVORITE moment is when I arrived at the airport and just made these stupid pictures for the control and got my suitcase....There he is always standing and waits for me and my family....YUSUKEEEEEEEEEE!!!(๑╹◡╹๑ ) (But always I look so ugly after this long flight...And he looks of course so goood....)(;-ω-)ノ

We had a stop in Moskow (?) and I got internet there!! 
Well, the stop wasn't so long...maybe 3 hours I guess.

 That was our food! Quite good for normal airplane food! We also got some chocolate haha

I'm soo happy everytime I see this!
Well, I didnt make more pictures at the airport because I looked so ugly (・~・)

Our first picture together!(´・ω・`)
Yusuke in Chiba! He was embarassed because I made this picture because people were looking at me/us haha wow how bad (><) This booooy... :D

At this day I bought some stuff at the Donki near his home! I just love this store !!! 

I really love the Diamond(?) lashes! Since I bought them for the first time I always wore them after this day! You'll see them in the following pictures!

When Yusuke was at the work, I was bored, used a face-mask, cleaned his room and watched some japanese anime which I didn't understand(#^∇^#) haha

Cleaned! Not perfectly but ....a little!! :)

 After that day we went to Tokyo to meet my mom and my sister(*´σー`)

We ate together at McDonalds(๑◕‿←๑)

Yusuke, Mom and Joyce (my sister)

We made some Purikura!!
Do you know the commercial in Japan " Get old with me"? I like it haha Kind of romantic, right??(*´σー`)

After this we went to a cobini. I guess it was Family Mart (?) I love these! They have so much various fooooods 

 At the next day we drove to Tokyo again(*゚ー゚)ゞ

I love the view! You can see the Tower! I also saw the Mt. Fuji when we drove a little longer! Someday I wanna go to see "him" too!

This picture...My Favorite looool I dont know ..Maybe I clicked on the picture bottum in the wrong secound but I think it looks so funny haha Yusuke hates  it (><)

He is so cute ! Sorry for the picture spam but I misss him so much already....。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。

On the next day we went to Harajuku to meet my mom, sister and her boyfriend! After this we walked to Shibuya to take a rest and to make Purikura together!!( ^▽^)σ)~0~)プニッ♪

 Shibuyaヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ
My Bambina!! <3
 I had to censore my sister's boyfriend because he's a musician! haha But I hope you can still enjoy the pictures~

In a Cafe in Shibuya

 At the next day I went with Yusuke to Asakusa! I really love this area! It's so interesting and I absolutly love the culture!(´艸`)

 Then my first time near the "Old Tokyo Tower" ☆彡

 Then we went back to Shibuya because we wanted to make Purikura! Actually I wanted to see the view of the tower but it was a little expensive (><) NEXT TIMEE lol

Why  BEST FRIEND ?! My mistake....

OMg what happened.... lol

After it, we ate an Ice Cream at ColdStone! I like "Strawberry dates Banana" 

Well, and this was it already.... We had to fly back toooo early (T T) I'm still so sad about it and I miss Yusuke... (ノω・、) ウゥ・・

At the night at the airport when we arrived there... :(
 Sooo, My GETS are the falshe lashes and some clothes...I didn't buy so much this time(´、ゝ`)

That was inside of the EGG! I don't know...It's for make up? haha

This Cecil McBee jacket Yusuke gave me as a present!
 Moreover I bought myself a Cecil McBee pants which you might saw in the Purikura! 
The black one which looks "destroyed" haha(≧ω≦。)
Wearing house shoes loool

The cardigan my boy gave me! I love that smell (>///<)

Now a short Make up UPDATE
( sorry for the bad quality...I made it with my phone ><)

 Woooaa sorry I just noticed you can see a little of my underwear

Oh my God... Yusuke I miss you so much !!!! I miss that there is somebody near me when I'm sleeping...

Oh and before I forget....I have been tagged!! by Neelie! 
Also I have to tagg 10 other people....I will do it when I have time, ok??( ゚,_ゝ゚)

I have to write 10 things about myself!

1. I absoluty love Japan&the culture and I want to live there someday, but not forever of course
2. I think japanese boys/my boyfriend are/is the cutest!! lol
3. I have been to Japan 6 times until now
4. I really have the dream to marry (soon lol)
5. I get angry/jealous too quickly which I always regret later and feel sorry
6. I want to call myself 'Gyaru' someday but first I have to know for myself, what is 'Gyaru' really for me?
7. I have tried many times to study japanese but until now I failed always....
8. I love my family even if we have some 'fights' sometimes (><)
9. I hate HATE HATE!! to study...Also I hate math and Biologie (lazy person (_ _) )
10. Yeah, I'm also scared of my future and what will happen to me and my family and to Yusuke to me. I hope everything will be fine.... (><);

Well, thats all for now!! I hope it wasn't a toooo long post(><) If yes, I'm so sorry!
Ok, it's now soon 2.00 am here and i needed soo long for this post, so I will sleep now!
We'll see eachother in my comments which I will write to all the people who wrote me comments ;-)

Good night (´3`)