Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

Hello from Japan!Many pictures :)

Hello cuties~

How have you been? Hope everything is alright!

As you might know im in japan now★≡(−_^)

I have to say i really missed it here very much!

Im here since saturday morning and also many happened!

First i met Yusuke, he was always so lovely to me after

The sad times....He became very important to me now!

Also i met his grandparents  (also his uncle and aunt)on sunday!

I was SUPER HYPER MUCH SCARED Because they cant talk a word 

in english and me neither in japanese><

When i entered the room they were so friendly to me but it was

too muuuch for me in this moment so i cried haha

Later on i felt more comfortable and it was a nice meeting

and they liked my presents from Germany!

Then they gave me also cute presents

Then they gave me and Yusuke money! (me: 10000Yen!!)

After this meeting we went to Kamakura because his grandparents live near it


Please ignore my stupid face on all pictures・・・・

Okay now some purikuras which we took together! :)

I have to say im really happy now ~ We know eachother now for over one year also and he was always there for me :) うれしいですね!!!(人´ω`).ア☆.リ。ガ.:ト
Of course i miss Satoru still, but i know i can survive with Yusukes help!!(´・ω・`)

Now some pictures of the clothes which i bought yesterday at Harajuku!

It all costs around 10000 yen ;; 
Dress 2,200 yen
White shirt 1,800 yen
Flower shirt 2,200 yen 
Socks, which i really LOVE, 700 yen
Shoes around 4000 yen

I want to go shopping there always ><

Oh also yusuke bought something for me><
The new Popteen magazine and this bag by cecil mc bee:
i really love it ! THANK YOU! <3

Now some random pictures at the end because im bored :) Yusuke is working and comes home around 22.00 (now 18.15)....

Looove japanese PIZZA~!!

Japanese television (shopping, just same like in germany haha)
Sorry for the MESS !! ww

It is Chiba today! SO WINDYYYYY!!!><

And at the end a picture of Yusuke ^^

Okie thats all for now!! Tomorrow i will maybe go to Tokyo again :)
Stay tuned my lovelies~ and take care of yourselfs!(◎>∀<◎)


  1. what a wonderful post, the place look so nice =)
    The clothes are awesome, floral print!~ especially the socks *-* been searching for these like forever
    and all the purikura looks so sweet, me is jealous! xD

  2. awww wie cool :3
    das ist praktisch, wenn man bei jemandem wohnen kann^^ da kann man viel geld sparen *v*
    die klamotten sind sooo toll und die bilder sind einfach nur schön ^^
    danke für dein kommentar in meinem blog^.^
    ach ich weiß nich, wann ich mal nach Japan komme..wahrscheinlich wenn ich im Lotto gewinne XD bin leider arm .__.
    vll nächstes Jahr mal wenn ich studiere und ein bisschen zeit für arbeiten hab^^'
    Wünsch dir noch viel Spaß!! :3

  3. There's so beautiful ! ;O; I'm a but jealous, I would love to visit Japan too.
    You are very cute on all those pictures~

  4. so schön! & du bist so hübsch :)
    bist du alleine nach japan?
    wie hast du yusuke kennengelernt?

    wünsch dir noch ne schöne zeit dort!

  5. * O * Cecil McBeeeee! I love that bag! I can't wait to get my hands on some real Japanese brand!

    I'm glad to hear that you're in higher spirits now and happy! I can tell that you really feel so much better from your pictures!

    So do you live with Yusuke now or? Do you know how long you will stay in Japan then? ^^ I wish you the best! xoxo

  6. Danke für die Antwort~ ^3^

    Nee~ Leider war ich noch nicht in Japan. Wollte eigentlich nächstes Jahr für 4 Wochen fahren, aber meinen Eltern zu Liebe hab ich mich für Korea umentschieden.

  7. omggg ! the 1st top you posted is GORGEOUSS ! i loveee it <3

  8. nice pictures you have here dear :D
    anyway, I really like your blog, so lovely. Definitely going to follow you! :D

  9. You took such lovely pictures! I really like the socks and flower shirt, so cute!

  10. you look like you had so much fun!

  11. schöner Blog! ❤
    Deine Fotos machen meine Sehnsucht nach Japan noch schlimmer (^__~)
    Wünsch dir noch eine schöne Zeit in Japan!

  12. aww so lucky that u r in japan now >.<))0 i wish i could be in japan faster!!