Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

Finding TOKYO 'Give Away' (´3`)

It's her BLOG ;) I really think it's a cute Give Away but it seems i never
win any Give away ;3;

What you win:
W♥C bag from one of my new fravorite Japanese brands!
♥ Rilakkuma strap!
ParaDo lipgloss
Champagne bath salt (one of my favorite bath salts in Japan!)
Gold makeup case
Creamy pearl-esque hair scrunchie
♣ Secrets will be revealed throughout December!  So keep watch on my twitter to hear about updates!


♥ BE A FOLLOWER: rss subscribe, google connect, bloglovin …anything goes! (Bloglovin people, please notice that my bloglovin link HAS CHANGED.  All valid follow methods are available in the sidebar!)
♥  COMMENT AND LEAVE A VALID E-MAIL: You only need to leave it in the e-mail form under your name, not in the comment box.
DOUBLE YOUR CHANCES: Make a blog entry about it. Nothing makes me happier than coming across a blog entry about FINDING TOKYO! So double you chances by linking to me! Please reply to your original comment with a link.
♥ TRIPLE YOUR CHANCES: Tweet about the giveaway. You must retweet my original tweet! Then leave a comment with your tweet post replying to your original entry comment.
QUADRUPLE YOUR CHANCES: Reblog my tumblr entry here. Again, reply to your original comment with a link.
4 CHANCES TO WIN per person: original, blog, twitter, tumblr!
THE GIVEAWAY WILL END 1/4/011!  Just in time for the post office to reopen in Japan & for me to send off your prize!!

Donnerstag, 10. Februar 2011


Hello cuties~☆彡

Sorry that i didnt posted a long time!!

But i was kind of busy with school and


Finally i am doing my drivers license

Actually im already 18 so i could have it already

But i was scared and lazy (ノω・、)

Now i really want to have it so i can go work

In a bigger city than the city where i live in :D

Then i can save mony for:


2. Iphone 4 or later 5?!


I really need some money....

Probably i will go in april to japan but also i want to go

this summer~ So i have to save....♪(。◕ฺˇε ˇ◕ฺ。)♡

Oh and i wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!!


Because i have 84 readers!! So MUCH for me ><

Im so happy ! and i will write comments 

back to all who wrote me some comments on the last


Okie~ Now some pictures i made of some outfits :)

Hope you like it!

First is my sleep wear haha~

The jinbei i bought in Japan and the loose?socks also :)

This outfit...I bought everything at H&M www Oh~The fox tail is from 

The brown jacket? i also bought in Japan in summer :)

 Hope you like it! Next time i will make more pictures ;)

Actually i dont like the pictures T T

Last days i didnt feel comfortable with my weight><

I dont know what happened~ Im 157cm and my weight is 44 kg

All people say i have to eat more but i think i have to loose

more weight or just do sports >< Because i dont like

the shape of my body...Especially my legs ;3;

Anyway~!! Thats all for now (≧ω≦。)

Stay cute girls :) See you soon !!