Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2011

☆彡Japan in 24 days(!), New pictures, My Make up and Last Japan Gets☆彡 HEAVY PICTURES

Hello my dear followers!!゚.+:。LOVE゚・*:★⌒ヾ(-ω・*)
How have you been?? I hope you are ok!
I'm sorry I did not post for a long time but as you know,
I'm collecting news and pictures over the month and then post it in one post-
So my blog isn't SO SO boring (><);
Well, it's like a monthly post! What do you think about it?Σ(●´艸`●)ぇ???

Sooo as I promised some thiings happened!
For example it was my Birthday on the 24th November!!!!( ゚∀。)
I'm 19 now m(_ _)m But stilll feeel like 15 hahaha
And  I also got my beloved IPHONE 4 from my Grandparents and dad!!!
I'm so so in love with it!! I love downloading Apps when I'm bored!(つω`*)

The newest news are that my mom, my sister and me willl go to JAPAN in 24 days!!!すげぇぇぇ~(♛ฺД♛ฺ)
From the 1.January ( I wanted to be there on NEW YEAR T_T) - 9.January!!!!!!!
I actually really dislike these dates but others were sold out and this one was SO cheap!!
Better than nothing
Moreover, my mom said we might could go back to Japan in April 2012!(๑╹◡╹๑ )
Because at this time I will finish my school after 13 years and I will have some free time before I decide what to do next (-3-) Hope it will work!! Also I have to decide what I want to do in my future (><)

Aaahhh but I'm sooo happppy I will be able to go to Japan (=My boyfriend!) soon! :-) Again, after sooo many months I can hug and kiss him again!+゚*。:゚+o[\/]oω`。).+゚*。:゚+

Okie, now some pictures of a city to where my classmates and me went some weeks ago!ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ
It is called "MÜNSTER" and it's a really beautiful city! Have a look:

 Soooo beautiful old buildings! I wanna show them to Yusuke someday (´・ω・`)

Thats my class! I'm in the first row with the brown/beige jacket and brown hair :-) We made that picture on the school trip

Then around 2 weeks ago I met my friend Eileen! We sometimes meet and eat pizza or pasta together! I would love to do this more often but I don't have so much money....(ノω・、) ウゥ・・

My "normal" outfit which is a little boring haha :

without jacket but WITH Iphone lol

Some pictures when we were in the restaurant and then at her house !


Some days later....On my birthday I didn't know what to wear so I made in the night before my Birthday some pictures :


I wanted to wear these socks my mom rented me haha 

At the end i decided to wear the first outfit with the 2. pictures! I mean it's nothing special but I really liked it(๑◕‿←๑)

These sweets I got from a friend/classmate for my birthday! It's from china! Chinese sweets which looks like a Panda!

Now I want to show you some Christmas pictures! In the supermarkets and everywhere are already christmas decorated things and food....Since SEPTEMBER?!(  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;) So I'm not really in a christmas moood yet....It was just toooo early and now I never listen Christmas songs.... (T T)
Anyways~ here the pictures!

Christmas-decoration in my town!! haha So

Christmas sweets!!
 I will defenently listen to more christmas songs soon to get finally in a christmas mood! I wish i could celebrate it with Yusuke and my family TOGETHER....(*´σー`)

Then last friday (2.december) I met Eileen again!!
Anyways~ It was fun! Eileen came to me on friday evening and we started making up!

That's us ! It is called PRISMA (DORTMUND), maybe some of my german readers might know it?:) We look a little DEAD because we had not much luck at this day....It was super hyper cold and we had to wait hours for the different busses we had to take....

At around 3 am we wanted to go back but no busses were driving anymore.......TAXIII PLEASEE!!! At the end we were home at around 4 am and Eileen sleept at my home :)

Then, yesterday (6. December) I made some outfit, make up pictures without extensions! Hope you like them!

"Shirt" - H&M; Shoes - Primark

I didn't use lower lashes!☆彡 I don't know, I think I really need 1. More practise in how to use lashes and make up better in combination and 2. I have to buy new lashes in Japan.... :(
I actually really want to dress and look more "Gyaru" but I still have some isshues with that (><) 
I feeel so "not-gyaru" lol (゚c_、゚ )
Well, I hope I can improve it soon!! (´・ω・`)

Okie~ Then I promised an anon to post what I bought in Japan on October/September! Also pictures of my (MESSY!!!) cosmetics on Formspring !!

I'm starting of with my cosmetics:

Well, that's my LIZ LISA make up bag which I posted some entries ago (><) Looks so messy....SORRY m(_ _)m

Pictures took with Phone so it's a little bad quality, sorry :-(

 For my foundation I'm always using this BB Cream which I bough in Japan in October/September

Next is....

Dream Matte Mousse by Maybelline "020 CAMEO"


 ↑ A very old and often used powder by Essence "07 translucent"


↑ Dolly Wink Eyeliner BLACK; it's already so old and still working


 ↑ A random Eyelash curler and brown eyeshadow by Essence quattro "05 to die for"- I really love the colours!


 ↑ A japanese mascara! I forgot the brand...But there is always this blonde girl on it....
it's water proofed! Sometimes I also use German Mascara :-)


↑ An Eyebrown pencil by Essence "02 Brown"

 ↑ Eyelash Glue "Eriko Lash" - Works really good; bought in Japan in october /september

LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!! My eyelashes!! Well, that's not all but couldn't fnd all just now :-/ Maybe I can pst them in another post after I found them. They are not in an order.... Sorry m(_ _)m
I'm an untidy girl (><)

Many different lashes in one case..... SO BAAAD (><) I should clean them....

Thats all!! haha Not so interesting :-D
Sadly, I do not know much about make up and I do not own much/good make up but that what I have at the moment is enough! :-)

I think I maybe want to buy CIRCLE LENSES in Japan but I'm not sure yet..... Because I'm so scared to use lenses.... Maybe I should first go to a doctor and ask him about it.... Or what do you think?!

Ok now to my Gets! The MA*RS stuff is  not really mine (><) It's my moms and sisters haha But they said I can wear it too :-)

MA*RS Bunny cardigan

Details of the ribbon of it

MA*RS shoes

MA*RS dress + MA*RS cardigan + MA*RS shoes

Radom cute dress from Harajuku I guess :-)

Shoes also from Harajuku? :-D
Maybe also from Harajuku lol

The white jacket is mine lol also the shoes (><)

Cute dress from Harajuku? :-D

Two short pants my mom and sister bought for me in Japan!
Pants I bought with Yusuke in a big shopping center in Chiba !

My new winterjacket from PRIMARK (Germany)

Shirt from Primark, Love the colour!

More pictures will follow sooon!!
Oh~ and before I forget it: Please check out my sisters TUMBLRS!(´・ω・`)

Thanks my cuties~ I really love all my followers and you know I want to make a GIVE AWAY SOON for you all!!
Also I will (OF COURSE) answer to all your comments on my last post(´・ω・`)
Some people don't have a blog or i can't view it....Sorry for that BUT I'm so happy about your comments!! REALLY! I always read them!


P.S. (a Yusuke special hahaha<3)  :

Made with phone! awww his eyes so cute <3

 Some pictures are a little older but I didn't post them (><) I just made a picture with my phone of it....So sorry for the bad quality! :-)