Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011


Hello cuties~☆彡

How have you been? I hope its everything good!(´艸`)

Sorry that i didnt post last days but i had some  issues 

with my boyfriend which made me feel bad so much><

But now i think,everything is good again!I still miss him 

so much and i hope i can go to Okinawa in April ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

Okie~I also read many other fashion Blogs here on Blogspot 

and i found some really cute styles and pictures

which i want to show you!

Pretty amazing how much make up can change a face!~

Here some more pictures of make up!I really like this gyaru make up...But still i have some problems how to do it>< If somebody can help me or tell me some tricks you can do this :)~ I would be thankful haha!<3

Now some outfit pictures~Some i found on other blogs but i forgot the Blog addresses, sorry>< Next time i will remember and add them so you can know where i took these pictures from★≡(−_^)

I love this combination!She looks very skinny but cute:) I also love her hair and the fox tail!~
 I love her legs! I think in real she is so small but with this combination she makes her legs look so long!LOVE~!!(´艸`)

 I just love these shoes! I want to buy some like this in April but i think they will not sell them anymoreeee ; ;
 This kind of jeans Yumachi is wearing i reaaally like ! Actually i didnt see them for a loooong time but now i like them again! But only in combination with these shoes^^ I want to buy one again!!かわいいですね~+゚*。:゚+o[\/]oω`。).+゚*。:゚+
Now some pictures of cute shoes~

 N.3 is LOVE~!!

 This picture i found a cute blog :) This girl is living in Japan and she is posting maany cute pictures^^
But i just loved this picture~So cute!
Next time i will post her blog!You really have to see it haha~Interesting 

Now some pictures of me :) Actually i didnt like my make up this day...haha~The lipstick is way to strong ><
But i hope it still looks okay^^~
By the way,the hat i bought in Harajuku at Pinklatte♫~(⌒。⌒●) 

Last picture is my boyfriend and me in october 2010~

Satoru by thinking of you, it gives me power for the next day☆彡

I love you~ιоνё(●´Å`)ε`○)снц♪

Thats all for now~(^3^) See you soon!!And take care of yourself~


Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011


Hello cuties~

Today is my last free day...T T

School agaiiiin yay...><

Soo i took a hot bath today!! 

I used this ^^I bought last year in an 100yen shop in Harajuku haha

Its like おんせん (Onsen)!The smell is really good

And when i used it i thought i want to use a Onsen in Japan next time !!

 Onsen is a hot spring outside~

 Looks really good><

But~ Im scared....Actually i want to know if its normal

if foreign people use it too. Because im little

concerned that all people will stare at me haha><

Ok next topic~☆彡

When my boyfriend came to Germany he bought these 

magazines for me :) I just love those Fashion inspirations!!

I also still have the Palty dying color blonde

like the commercial on the magazine(。・ε・。)
Moreover i found these scans and i just love it~

 I love these white outfits or the combinations with white!They did i great job like always(*´σー`) And they really often used the colour white :)

 The hair of the girl on the right side is awesome~Easy to make but looks so cute!!                 ↓
 I really love those yukatas!Actually i have one which my boyfriend bought for me but i want anotherone too!!:)↓

 My favourite outfit!~             ↓

 These looks like autumn outfits but GREAT~!!すごいね~

 I really think she looks like a MANGA GIRL haha!! Her dresses always and her hair style^^But i like it~
 Wiiiiiiiiigs !! I really want to buy some next time in Japan~ Short hair and long hair. Its really good if you want to change your look in a quick time witthout changing your real hair(≧ω≦。)
Ok now i want to show what my boyfriend wrote in my calender-book!

Its too cute and funnyyy~~

 My old and new calender book 2010 and 2011!! HANNAH MONTANA haha~
 I dont know if you can read it but his english is so adorable ☆彡

Soooo~ thats all for now(^3^)Have fun!!Tomorrow is school i have to sleep soon!! 笑~

またね~ :)