Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

Long time no see! My transformation :)

Well, hello gals :)
I'm sorry that i didn't blog for a long time
but i was just not in the mood for posting anything! Hope you can understand it (´-`)
I hope you all still read my blog haha!
Next week i will have only 2 days school which means i have a lot of free time!
So i will write everyone a comment back who wrote me a comment in the last entry (^3^)
Ok first of all the other pictures which i made in japan; i will post them next week!
Because they are so many....And tomorrow i will have a history exam, so i have to study today....
Anyways, i wanted to make some pictures for you so that this entry is not so boring!!

Oh and before i forget...I found this on G_s :

Well, thank you for writing it :) Im still a little bit sad about the secret before but im happy you read and accepted my Blog entry and wrote this answer to me!! Thanks I appreciate it! And please keep reading my blog I will try to make it interesting for you!


Ok, first i have to say: 
1. I'm really ugly without make up! and i know it already (°A°) But i want to show you   it so please be friendly haha
2. I'm not good at using make up and also im not good at beeing a gyaru, its just a try :)
3.If you want you can write something so that i can improve my style!
(PS: I'm NOT a GYARU :D So not post it on G-s and make fun of it (´-`)   )

Well, it's me without any make up.....So uglyyyyy....As i said m(_ _)m
Okay, next step!

Well as i said im not good at it...I also used DOLLY WINK NO.6 for the lower lashes which i bought in japan in april...But i dont know how to use them well (> <) Somebody can help me?

My outfit for today !

Okay thats all for now!! I will start to study now!! See you next week and take care of yourselfes <3
PS: Sorry for the bad picture quality but i forgot the loading cable at my boyfriends room in Japan...So i cannot use my camera and i have to use my moms mobile phone haha!!

AND ~ We will go to Japan in summer!! I think in august-September! Happyyyyy <3


EDIT: Thanks already for the improvement tipps you gave me!
For the lower lashes i used not black, i used brown (>_<)
But i will do another try next week(^3^) I will put the lower lash line more up!!
You will see the results then! Be patient ;)


  1. Hmn ich persönlich mag es nicht wenn man die unteren Wimpern so arg tief setzt...sieht auf den Fotos aber nciht schlechts aus!♥

  2. Aww you are NOT at all ugly!! Ugly is such a harsh word to use, you mustn't use it for yourself! Lots of girls think they're unattractive with makeup (me too haha) but I still think you're pretty without makeup! <3

    I want to try Dolly Wink too! Maybe for the bottom, if you draw the shadow line a tad bit smaller so it doesn't look so dramatic? Also, don't draw line right under your bottom lash line, otherwise it's too dark I think. Unless your natural lash line is dark? Then just fill in the empty space with either a white or peachy-light gold-color eyeshadow so it looks like your eye. ^^ Play with your makeup and see what looks good on you and what doesn't so you can learn ^^

    Oh! Did you dye your hair? You normally have blonde hair right? It looks so pretty!! >w< You're also wearing the shoes you bought in Japan! They look SO cute on you, you can totally wear them out!

    Good luck with your exams!! I'm really looking forward to future pots from you, I love your blog!! :)

  3. I love the outfit you put together, it looks so good!

  4. awww du hast wieder einen Freund? wie schön^^
    ich find die bist gar nicht hässlich ohne make up^^ Ich muss aber auch sagen, dass ich persönlich die unteren Wimpern nicht so mag..ich mag's eh nicht wenn man so weit runter macht..Japanerinnen machen das ja um die "spitzen" Enden ihrer Augen auszugleichen damit sie wie europäische aussehen, ich finde wenn Europäerinnen das so stark machen, sehen die Augen oft traurig aus.
    WENN du es machst, würde ich den Zwischenraum zwischen Auge und WImpern nicht schwarz, sondern weiß malen^^
    Aber die oberen Wimpern sind total super!!*_*
    welche Marke ist das?^^ Dein Outfit ist auch super, du bist echt eine der wenigen Deutschen denen dieser Stil steht^^

    Golly, I'm really ugly without makeup ;___;

    You are so pretty! And I love your outfit~ ^^

  6. Hey, kleiner Tip.

    Ich finde dass du die Falschen Wimperin gar nich so ausserhalb deines Auges platzieren musst. Du hast schon relativ große Augen, daher wirkt das sehr unnatürlich. ^-^

    Denke aber, dass das geschmackssache ist.

  7. Waah! Really cute makeup and outfit!! *_____* /

  8. Aaw your first outfit is to die for *---* And your makeup is really cute, I think you can definetly call yourself a gyaru!! <3

  9. Girl you are NOT UGLY! If anyone has ever called you ugly, they are very stupid and wrong. You have a beautiful face. And I think you could easily be gyaru, you already do your makeup better than other girls who call themselves gyaru^^

  10. :O !!
    When I saw the first steps of your make up I thought I wouldn't like it, but I like it in you!!
    You're pretty even without make up, really!!
    And I DO LOVE your shoes!!! *0000*

  11. Love your Make-up and style <3
    I'm your new reader ^^

  12. You're so NOT ugly without makeup!! You're really pretty <3 and you're makeup is great ^^

  13. woah deine fotos sind echt hübsch <3

  14. Awwwwwwwwwww!!!! so cuteeee!! don't say that!!!! you are not ugly because you don't wear make up, all girls with make up looks better :D me too xDDDDDDDDDDD

    And thanks for the comment I appreciated ^^

    Yes, that color is beautyfull but in the photos looks diferent -_-.
    This is the second I bought :D, the first palty was very orange blonde xDDDD don't like it much...

    kisses!!! have a nice day :)

  15. You put this coordinate together so well! :D

  16. You know what you look pretty even without makeup ;D but it's very brave of you to show us~ I'm LOVE'N your boots : O

  17. hi , you really pretty without make up .
    Thanks for sharing the eyes lashes tips . really appreaciate :) .

  18. drastic change but so cute with out make up too ..and with make pretty cute ;D <<3 following ..!