Montag, 30. Mai 2011

Coco Caro's Give Away! 1 day left!

Hey there ! Found this cute give away today and i want to share it with you !
It's only one day left! SO HURRY UP !! ;)

Here the link to her Blog 

Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

Long time no see! My transformation :)

Well, hello gals :)
I'm sorry that i didn't blog for a long time
but i was just not in the mood for posting anything! Hope you can understand it (´-`)
I hope you all still read my blog haha!
Next week i will have only 2 days school which means i have a lot of free time!
So i will write everyone a comment back who wrote me a comment in the last entry (^3^)
Ok first of all the other pictures which i made in japan; i will post them next week!
Because they are so many....And tomorrow i will have a history exam, so i have to study today....
Anyways, i wanted to make some pictures for you so that this entry is not so boring!!

Oh and before i forget...I found this on G_s :

Well, thank you for writing it :) Im still a little bit sad about the secret before but im happy you read and accepted my Blog entry and wrote this answer to me!! Thanks I appreciate it! And please keep reading my blog I will try to make it interesting for you!


Ok, first i have to say: 
1. I'm really ugly without make up! and i know it already (°A°) But i want to show you   it so please be friendly haha
2. I'm not good at using make up and also im not good at beeing a gyaru, its just a try :)
3.If you want you can write something so that i can improve my style!
(PS: I'm NOT a GYARU :D So not post it on G-s and make fun of it (´-`)   )

Well, it's me without any make up.....So uglyyyyy....As i said m(_ _)m
Okay, next step!

Well as i said im not good at it...I also used DOLLY WINK NO.6 for the lower lashes which i bought in japan in april...But i dont know how to use them well (> <) Somebody can help me?

My outfit for today !

Okay thats all for now!! I will start to study now!! See you next week and take care of yourselfes <3
PS: Sorry for the bad picture quality but i forgot the loading cable at my boyfriends room in Japan...So i cannot use my camera and i have to use my moms mobile phone haha!!

AND ~ We will go to Japan in summer!! I think in august-September! Happyyyyy <3


EDIT: Thanks already for the improvement tipps you gave me!
For the lower lashes i used not black, i used brown (>_<)
But i will do another try next week(^3^) I will put the lower lash line more up!!
You will see the results then! Be patient ;)

Dienstag, 3. Mai 2011

Back in Germany, JUNE Popteen, Gyaru secrets and other stuff

First of all Hello my Dear Readers.
Im back in Germany now and i feel really depressed
Unfortunatly i had a shock when i looked on the Community G_s (  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;)
Actually i was scared that one day i would see a picture of me there
but actually i thought this community is about make up and style (maybe i got it wrong?).
Anyway there was this picture of me and it was about my "love life"?!
Okok !! SHOCK !!(♛ฺД♛ฺ)
Well, i really dont know what to say about it or about the comments to this secret.
Just it was really shocking.
People talking and judge me even if they dont know me in real or anything which really hurt sometimes. 
BUT~ Now i can understand others who also were judged by mostly anonymious? persons.(´、ゝ`)

Still i think for people who only know my Blog it might look like it happened fast but you dont know the back story, sorry. And im not going to tell it because i think its a little bit to private.ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

Also people wrote they were dissappointed of me?~ Then im SORRY!but
Mmmh you think i feel super good now?Or my sadness was just a JOKE?? I still feel broken about my old boyfriend which i said in another entry but he and me talked a long time about it.We are friends now, which made me really happy!ありがとう、さとる!
But i still feel not so ready to moving on and Yusuke and me take it easy, ok?(ゝ`ω´-) Just for your understanding, 
I dont feel like we are a ' Complete' couple yet.p(`ε´q)
We are working on it, also he had a girlfriend some time ago but they broke up.For a long time we were there for eachother and its not about exchanging japanese boyfriends.( ☣◞౪◟☣)
In my life i had till now only  boyfriends. One was German and one was japanese.
Yusuke just made me happy in this sad time!!!!
He is so so so IMPORTANT for me! 
I trust him and love him, he is always there for me and Im there for him.
I hope we can marry soon, and be together forever!
Actually I always hoped that Yusuke and me will be together, now we are and its a good feeling!!! I cant imagine to be without him anymore now.
Also im not a Weeboo!♪(。◕ฺˇε ˇ◕ฺ。)♡
I was in Japan already 4 times now. I know in Tokyo is not everything FUN or ENYOJMENT
And Yes i want to live there someday but not FOREVER, because i also like Germany and i get sick of the japanese stress sometimes.

Anyway, what  wanted to say is that im sorry i made you think bad of me. Im not like that!Please dont try to judge me like this, it makes me kind of sad.‎( °、°) 
 really say sorry, i also think my behaviour was not right in this case but i think everybody does mistake, right? And we can learn from it hopefully :) Actually  want to say thanks to the secret that it reminds me of that what is really important! THANKS~ 
But next time, you can write me your opinion on my BLOG OK? Then we can talk about it maybe and exchange opinions.


I hope you still continue to read my blog but only if you want of course!

Now some pictures of the thngs i bought in Japan!
I also have some pictures of sightseeing but i dont feel like posting them now... Maybe later when i feel better about it.

Sorry for the bad pictures, I just made them with my normal camera for you with the flash (just a short prieview).The pictures are from the new magazine of june? I think so www


Cutest English !!! GAT MY CAMERAAA :D

Then i pimped up my Cecil Mc Bee bag !! ww

This Hello Kitty present the Working partner of Yusuke gave me!! She was so lovely!!!

Then i bought some make up! But i wish i could buy some more...But no money....><

These shoes are from the brand Esperanza! I have to say i dont know if its a good or a cheap brand but the shoes were around 10,000 yen!
I like them but it looks like they are not for the normal life...More like Model shoes or something.><

This cute watch Yusuke bought for me in Odaiba :) I really liked ths city!! Maybe i will show pictures of it later to yoou...

Okay~ that is all for now cuties! And i want to apologize again for what i did. Also to myself.SΟЯЯΥ_φ(・益q。`)・゚・o。
I have to make my thoughts, soul and head clear, hopefully i can!
I dont want to appear on this community site Ever again.I dont feel comfortable about it.‎( °、°)
The only positiv aspect now is that

But first i have to study for school now and work hard for it to earn money!
またね~And take care of yourselfs and dont let you get down by anybody!!

My life isn't like that as it was before. What can i do now?
PS: And for the people who wrote like that: " (her current pick is ... okay. her old boyfriend is disgusting..)" and ANONYM!
i want to say i hate that! i reallly HATE it! DO NOT INSULT MY FRIENDS ok?! They did nothing wrong and for me wether Satoru or Yusuke are disgusting or look like a girl. If its your opinion, FINE you can think it but dont write such mean things in the web where they cant defend thereselfes!!! SO MEAN and UNFAIR! I never write about somebody he/she is disgusting! what a mean shitty thing!
Or dont write your comments Anonym, then i can tell you my opinion about you!