Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

Long time no post! SORRY and im single (  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;) Where is my Happy End?!

Hello cuties~

Im sorry that i didnt write on my blog for one month i think!(>へ<。)
But unfortunatly many happened! 
For example my boyfriend broke up with me last week~
Actually it was the most shocking moment i rememeber since now (♛ฺД♛ฺ)
I was really overextended?:D It was so suddenly and first i was not sad >< I dont know why but later on i was super hyper much sad!!。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。 When i realized it・・・・
Even now im sad when i think about our memories we had together;;
We were a couple for more than 1 year and i thought its forever・・・
Naive thinking、Right?
The most worse thing is that we could have meet in around 10 days!
I wanted to go to okinawa and he also said to me that i can pack my suitcase already・・・  
First i was disappointed that i cannot go to tokyo but also i was happy to see him so much, it would be my first time there (ノ◇≦。)

Anyways, he said to me things like : We are finished forever or i dont have love for you anymore, which really hurt me( ゚,_ゝ゚)
I dont blame only him for it~ We both did mistakes i know it also the distance is/was our problem>< He said he is shit but i dont think so.
I still have love for him even if i just stopped to wear our engagement ring ;;
I want to forget him but it is impossible because EVERYTHING, reminds me of him...
Im happy my family&friends care for me^^
There is also somebody who is always there for me <3

I hope someday he will understand that i love him always and i wish i could turn back the time and make everything better・・・・
I feel like it was my faultΣ(・艸・。)・・・(=艸=。)ウゥ・・。・゚(>艸<。)゚・。うえぇえぇん!!

Anyway!! Sorry for this entry, i hope i didnt bored you><;
I just wanted to make things clear for myself^^
Also there are some positiv aspects like that i will go to tokyo in around 2 weeks :)
I hope it will be fun^^;
Also i realized that i HAVE to STUDY MORE! He was right when he said i have no discipline? Sorry Satoru・・・・ m(_ _)m I was not good always to you><
I will start to study for myself then i hopefully can go to university to tokyo ;;
I hope he can see someday i did grow up...Not only for me, also for him
To think about yourself('s future) is the most important、I know but you also have people who you love and for them you should also care i think ;)

Thats all for now my lovley followers :)
Hope you have great hot spring days with lots of fun!!

PS: I avoid looking at our pictures because it makes me cry always again.


  1. Awh sweetie! I'm so sorry to hear about this ;_______; Even though I've never really made a comment on your profile I just wanna let you know that I'm here and that I hope you get back on your feet again <3

  2. Hey Girl~ ♥
    Sure u can follow me!
    I'm happy about every reader of my blog!
    (\* ³ */)
    So I'll follow u back~

    Hugs and Kisses for u ♥
    baiki~ <33

  3. omg das ist ja schrecklich;O; jetzt bist du schon die zweite von der ich lese, dass sie von ihrem japanischen Freund verlassen wurde,O; was ist denn nur los mit den Männern? ;o; das tut mir echt leid für ist nicht naiv, so zu denken..wenn man halt spürt dass derjenige der richtige ist, ist es nicht naiv an die ewigkeit zu glauben..
    tut mir wirklich leid für dich..;o; vor allem wenn man so weit getrennt wohnt, dann kann man ja auch nicht richtig erfahren woran das lag..die kulturen sind aber auch so verschieden.. ;_; hoffe dir gehts bald besser und du kommst drüber hinweg<3

  4. Hey cutie~ ♥ Of course you can follow me! No need to ask haha!

    I'll follow you too (∩_∩)

    Take care ne! Life's a bitch sometimes but it's always a new day ^^ Fighting!

  5. Hi! (*´ω`)

    You are soo beautiful and cute! (=´▽`)ゞ

    Thank you for your comment! (*^〜^*)



  6. I'm sad for you , be strong ! <3
    But at least he said you the truth....My bf didnt said it his ex, that he didnt love her anymore and started to date with me before to break up with her ...She discovered everything and it was a shock too( bc ofcos he didnt say me anything bc to affraid) ...

    Keep your good memories with you, them will be always yours :)

    See it as a new start, not like end ...I know it's not easy ;_;

    <3 <3 <3

  7. aww so bad...=/ you have to be strong,and well even if it takes time to think about something else you'll be able to reach it!'ll find THE good one, yeah he does exist ^-^ Something like this happened to me before I thought I would never be able to love someone but I fell in love with my bf. You know when I'm sad I'm just telling to myself : Keep smiling and enjoy your life that's all you can do!

    take care!!

  8. Argh du arme.
    Das tut mir wirklich Leid für dich.
    Versuch so wenig wie möglich drüber nach zu denken.
    Ich hoffe, das du dein Happy End trotzdem kriegst :)

  9. I'm so sorry TT
    But girl, cheer up! You are beautiful!! (:

  10. Hi! How are you! I just followed you, you are totally gorgeous ^_^/ I just read your post~ I'm so sorry. But here is a tip from me. Improve yourself everyday~Become the best of the best and the whole package. Fix all your weaknesses, and be a girl that every guy would want to be with, and all the girls would want to be. When you achieve it, you will feel so much happier about yourself and who knows, someday he will also look back and regret it because he had lost someone so valuable. Time to wake up and take on the world and explore ^^ Good luck on your trip!
    Here is where to start: Improve some makeup style, Work out, Get high grades at school, improve in cooking, Aim high in your success for your career, start trying to perfect instruments (piano, guitar, drums, etc...), Improve your style, become a good role model for others and discover more and more talents and practice it ^^ Everyone loves a girl who is Beautiful, Stylish, Smart, Strong, Independent, Great cook, talented, Successful, Neat and Clean ^^~ Just view this breakup as an experience, happiness will come to you soon ^^~

  11. ohje du arme ;_;)
    kopf hoch ♥

  12. I'm sorry for what you're going through :( Of course you'll always have love for him, but don't limit yourself from falling in love again! Just keep looking forward; think about your upcoming trip to Tokyo and just allow yourself to become lost in happiness there, does that make sense? You can find someone who truly loves you someday, just look forward to that! Don't dwell on what happened so much, just take it as experience and thank Satoru for the happy memories. If you have to think about it, just smile! Don't be sad, you don't want them to be unhappy memories; you had fun, and now you can move on and have more fun in your future ^^ You're a gorgeous girl, and you look gorgeous as a happy SMILING gal!! Cheer up! <3

    BTWWWW you look SOO much like Tamaki Nami in the last picture!! SO KAWAII!!! >w<

  13. You are such a cute pair~ ♥ I love to read your blog and I hope you would update more often! :D

  14. sure you can follow me <3<3
    I'll follow you too (^-^)
    too bad what happened with you and your boyfriend.
    I feel sorry for you (;_;)

  15. Aw, I'm sorry you're going through such a difficult time! I also just recently came out of a relationship... so I know what you're going through! You have many dreams you want to achieve, so keep your head on and try to think positive! It will be hard to move on, but try to surround yourself with your loved ones and your passions and I hope that will help you to feel better about everything :(

    Thank you for commenting on my blog! Of course I will follow you, you seem like such a lovely and fashionable gal! ^_^

    Take care! xoxo

  16. thanks for your comment !!

    i follow you !

    you looks lovely !

  17. You are so cutee *-*
    And dont worry there are many boys in the world!
    Don't be sad!
    Take care lovely!
    Ps: Followin' u! If you want, plz visit my blog :D

  18. Sorry for what your having to go through :(

    But thanks for the comment, sure you can follow me:D
    I'm following you too now ^^

    Love your hair btw <3

  19. Im so sorry to hear about your break up ;____; Maybe later on he will tell you why!!!

    Thank you for the follow~ I followed you back!!! :)


  20. I'm so happy that you are following my blog. Thank you so much!

    You're entry is so sad ;__; I'm sorry about you and your boyfriend. I hope things will be better for you!

  21. Heyy!!!!! thank you very much for your comment & to follow me ^^ i appreciated >____< you have a cute blog too :O
    You're welcome! i follow you!

    And... ;___; I'm so sorry I hope things get fixed as soon as possible.

    A lot of hugs,kisses!!!

  22. Hey :3 thank you for the kind comments as always.

    It was sad to read that your boyfriend broke up with you, but don't worry. You will soon sort things out and be happier! (^_^)

  23. Hello! :) Thank you very much for your comment & follow me! I'll follow you too! ^_^ U are so beautiful! I'm sorry about you and your bf, hope things get better! ♥

  24. I'm sorry to hear this hun!But don't worry your true love will come to you in a minute so don't be sad ok?:) You are very beautiful lady!!! be strong!^_^ mwah!

  25. Sorry to hear about your breakup! Breakups are hard at first but then you learn to love and trust again. Remember to never give up on love! <3

  26. Thank you so much for your sweet comment and following my blog! It really made me happy! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

    Aww, I'm sorry to hear about your breakup! Please don't blame yourself for the bad things that happened. You'll get stronger, I'm sure! And you'll meet new interesting people in Tokyo soon, I'm sure! Don't give up and stay positive! ♥

  27. So sorry to hear that!
    I hope you're ok now. ^^

  28. aww ): what a sad entry.. I hope everything works out for the best for you ♪ it is selfish of him to say you are "not disciplined" because you are only 18, and he should not judge you like that. you are so beautiful, when you go to tokyo, everyone is going to fall in love, im sure ♥ and you're boyfriend will know he made a mistake!!

    & thank you for following me (: I really love your blog!

    you are going to tokyo in two weeks?? so lucky. I signed up to go to tokyo with a program in the end of june but now im not going anymore ): the program is so expensive...7000$ > <

    how will you be going to tokyo? :O

    anyways, take careee and be happy ♥

  29. I'm so sorry to read this :( Break ups are hard, but if you can learn something and move forward in the end~ then it wasn't all for nothing. I hope that you'll be okay and in the future achieve the things that you want to do. I actually didn't have a boyfriend for a long time before meeting Kenjer~

    Take care of yourself ♥

  30. I'm sad for you that a hard time is getting you down. Keep your chin up! :) I hope these words of encouragement can help somehow!

  31. Breakups are hard but focus on yourself and how awesome you are!
    They are a great time to rerealize goals and what you want for yourself.

    I just found your blog and have to tell you your gorgeous!
    i really love your layout too!

  32. Hi, cutie :3
    Of course you can follow me:D
    I'll follow you back too x3
    Your blog looks really cute.
    You look really sweet, and it's sad to hear about your breakup.

    Take care <3

  33. awww, honey! i'm sorry you are going through such a hard time... but you are so young! you are only 18! and you are GORGEOUS!!! and you are going to Tokyo in 2 weeks?! trust me, it will be a WAY MORE FUN trip with you being single....

    btw, i will also be in tokyo in two weeks... to party... eheh...

    oh, and thank you for following my blog! the reason i can't put pictures on it is because i would need permission from my students' parents for that, i don't don't feel like advertising my blog to people at my school, hahaha... but if you really wanna see pictures of my kiddies, i could always email you some. anyhow... got class to teach now!

    take care of yourself! heartbreak sucks, but your heart will heal ^_-

  34. Oooh I'm very sorry for what happened to you :( :(
    But I'm sure that with your family and friends supporting you, you'll get over the situation!
    Thank you for following me, of course I'm following you too!
    You can "translate" my blog with Google Translator, which is on the head, in the right side of the blog! But online translator sucks, so...enjoy my pictures at least! xD
    Have a nice day! :)

  35. Thank you for leaving a comment at my blog :)

    I'm so sorry for what happened to you :( But wahat doesn't kill you only makes you stronger right?
    Keep on fighting, and there will be a happy ending!

  36. Nice couple;) You seem really do check lotta Japanese blogs! It's cool:) I blog about sth kawaii stuff you may like. so plz check it out and you are more welcome if you subscribe it. thanX!

  37. awww... its alright! ;___; hang in there! im sure theres gonna be a better person for you!!! >__<

    hope you find a better person and dont let this thing brings you down! しっかりしてください!がんばって!