Sonntag, 13. März 2011


Hello cuties~

You all might know about the situation in japan・・・

The day when it happen i had normal school

So i saw it in news when i came home・・・・><

I was so shocked about it and worried about my friends

and also my boyfriend(ノω・、) ウゥ・・ He lives on okinawa

But still i cared about him and he didnt send me a mail
Or anything!! So i called him and cried at phone(ノ◇≦。)

But he was surprised and told me everything is ok!

Okinawa is save! I was SO happyー(´・ω・`)

Still in other cities like sendai its so horrible・・・・

 I just cant find words for it( ゚,_ゝ゚)

Also i dont know if i can go to japan in april now T T
My mom and sisters also care about it and their friends there・・・

I hope japan is better soon(>へ<。)

I pray for it !!!


Okie- these days i really needed some distraction (ノω・、) 

So i decided to make some pictures!

Also i was shopping with my dad and brother ;)

The mickey mouse ears were actually my Carneval costume Haha~

These pink mickey-ears are from TOKYO DISNEYLAND❤
Sorry for my bad face haha><

Sometimes i really dont like my face ・・・ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

Okay~ now talking about my new cloth :)
Its by h&m
A jumpsuit! I really like it and i want
To wear it in japan><
Sorry for bad quality~It was late already・・・

My brother said it looks like sleepwear and my dad said its actually cute!www
So what do you think about it?:) I will make better pictures soon(´・ω・`)
I also found this picture! i want thiiiiis><
Its a little bit same like mine
But it has short pants><

I also want the shoes of the right girl!
But i dont know the name・・・・
Anyway i love them!
I saw them last summer in tokyo so often
Now i regret that i didnt buy them。・゚・(*ノ益`*)・゚・。
Also i love her Clothes!

Hairstyles which i adore :

Randon stuff:
I just love the watch!!


Okie~Thats all for now!
Thanks for reading my blog 
And pray for japan and their people(>へ<。)
I send LOVE and HOPE to japan><


  1. Hi! *3* and thank you veery much for your comment~❤ Yep, I'm quite young and it's sometimes very annoying when people think that you're immature and so on.. I was kinda bullied a few years ago and it has taught me alot. But I'm not saying that I'm an 'adult' yet. Just a teen with young age and old soul haha~ //w\\

  2. Hi! Thaks for your comment also :)
    Oh thanks, I think I have to start writing my blog in English :P And of course it's okey :o :D
    I hope that Japan will get better soon!
    I had to go Tokyo last Friday, but my trip is now canceled :/ I'm bit worry because my friend is in Osaka but she told me that she alright :)
    Cool pink mickey-ears btw :')

  3. schöne sachen^^ brauchst dein gesicht nicht nicht zu mögen, hast ein sehr hübsches gesicht^^ vor allem deine nase beneide ich, schön gerade und schmal, nicht so knubbelig wie meine XD
    sag mal trägst du eigentlich extensions? deine haare sehen nämlich so toll und voll aus*_* falls ja, woher hast du sie?^^

  4. I'm glad your boyfriend is fine!! It's devastating to hear what Japan is going through... I'm just thankful all my family is in the US, but I have some relatives and friends in Hawa'ii, I hope they will be okay ><

    I want to go to Japan even more now. I always wanted to go for shopping and seeing the people and sites, but now I want to be able to help them... all I can do right now is send money to help, and I hope that's exactly how it's used!!


    YOU ARE ADORABLE! すごいカワイイー <3 顔はかわいい過ぎる <3 Your face is soooo pretty, you should love it all the time haha ^^ I looove your minnie mouse ears, they're so cute ^^ i want them heehee

  5. Oh I hope it gonna be better soon, and really glad your boyfriend is fine!

    btw mickey ears so cuteee!

  6. Danke fürs Kommentar. :3

    Schön das ihr wohl auf seit. >_>
    Viel glück noch die Tage.

    Ich stehe total auf den Overall. XD *-*

  7. Vielen Dank für dein Kommi!
    Ich hoffe so, dass die schlechten Nachrichten aus Japan bald ein Ende haben und endlich Gutes zu hören ist. Es macht mich einfach nur traurig wie es dort gerade zu geht. T_T
    Wie geht es dir eigentlich mit der Situation und deinem Freund? Ich hoffe bei ihm ist alles OK.
    Übrigens, der Jumpsuit sieht super aus! Total süß!

  8. Hey, danke für dein comment.
    Hättest mir auch ruhig auf Deutsch schreiben können;D
    Danke und klar, kannst du mich "followen".

    Dein Blog sieht auch süß aus :D

  9. Hallo! ^__^
    Danke für deine Komplimente; haha xD Dein Blog ist auch total süß~ Ich mag gyaru auch! ^0^
    Klar kannst du mich verfo- ehm.. followen xD ich werde deinen blog auch verfolgen, hihi :3

    Liebe Grüße~ <3

  10. Yeah, I was really upset when I heard about Japan aswell ;_____; It's good that you got in contact with your loved ones and made sure that they were okay :D
    You're so cuute! ^_^

  11. You look so cute о(ж>▽<)y☆
    I hope all your friends and loved ones in Japan are safe

  12. I'm glad that ur bf was okay. Yea Okinawa is really far from where it happened. phew...

    OMG u are soooo cute!! ur bf is such a lucky guy:)

    Korekara Yoroshikune!!

  13. danke für deinen kommentar zu meinem eintrag!^^

    dein freund wohnt in okinawa?! wo denn genau? ich hab mein asutauschjahr nach okinawa gemacht...^^

    ganz liebe grüße,

  14. Hi! Thanks for ur comment.
    Thanx and ofc u can follow! I follow you. ^^

    I'm glad to hear your boyfriend's okey!! :)

    I really like your jumpsuit, i'm thinking of buying one 2. And ur pics are really cute! :3

    take care!~♥

  15. Thank you so much for following : D Wow, you're suuuuper pretty! Thanks for the comment <3

  16. Of course! And i think i will follow u too XD I didnt met your blog until now, but its seems pretty and very Gal i think XD
    I wait for ur next post :)
    Kisses! <3

  17. Hi sweetie!

    Thank you for following my blog!

    You are way too pretty!

    I love your blog so I'll follow you back for sure!

    I'm glad your boyfriend is ok, hope things in Japan will get better soon ( ; _ ; )


  18. thank you for your comment ^.^

    omg iwant your jumpsuit <3
    do you wear extensions or it's your real hair ?
    (sorry for my bad english T.T")

    kisuu pretty girl ;)

  19. ahhrw ~
    you looks so cute in the pictures *__*
    i like your style :D

  20. Hi ! thanks for ur comment & of course you can follow me & comment me =) you looks so cute in the pictures! the jumsuit its so lovely *.* !

    an yes I hope too japan get better soon

  21. girl you are so cute! thanks for following me~