Montag, 3. September 2012

Yusuke in Germany // Japan in 9 days !!!


Hello cuties(´・ω・`)
I'm sorry I didn't write again for such a looong time----!!!
But I was realllly busy these days
I hope you can forgive me!(゚c_、゚ )

First of all, I want to say Thank you for all your lovely comments☆彡
Of course I read all and I will answer them as soon as possible on your blogsヽ(*'0'*)ツ

I renewed my Twitter page (as you can see my first Tweet was on 30 Nov 09 sooo I actually DONT like Twitter but I will use it while I'm in Japan so I can upate you what I'm doing! I think when I'm back I will not use it often, only for my stays in Japan :-) So if you want, please follow me !!! I would be happy :)  !!!!!

I have some News for you!
I will go to Japan in 9 days!! From the 11th - 24th September!(#^∇^#)

Thanks to my mom and sister, they found a flight for me!
Because first I couldn't get holidays and they booked a flight already...but then
some days ago....My boss said I CAN HAVE 2 WEEKS HOLIDAY!!!!
Luckily, the same flight that my mom and sister booked was still available so we will use the same plane!
This time it will be EMIRATES (first time!) and we will stop in Dubai!
I'm excited and I have to pack soon but I don't know where my travelpassport is.....
Additionaly I will have around 400 euro shopping money!!!(。・ε・。) Actually I had always around 100 euro.....Thanks to my job! But I should start to save money again soon! (For Japan and my Boyfriend!)

I think I will not be able to write here while I'm there because I'm not planning to take my laptop there....(TOO HEAVY!!!)(´艸`)
So I guess I will update you later, if this is ok?! ;-)

Okay the next topic is my boyfriend!!!! haha
I didn't tell you but he was in GERMANY! ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ
Just today my dad and me brought him to the airport....I'm really sad but this time we will meeet again in 9 days soooo the "good bye" wasn't sooo difficult (but it stilll was of course...(ノω・、) ウゥ・・)
He was here for 2 weeks, from the 15th August until today, the 2th September.
It was his first time here so I wanted to show him so much!!! 
(Also the 1.Sep. was his 22th Birthday)(つω`*)
I'm not sure...I think I will split this post into 2 parts or this will be tooo long...
In some words we visited:
  • Füssen (Castle Neuschwanstein - Japanese people's favorite place here I guess, it was also my first time there!)
  • Munich
  • Würzburg
  • Berlin
  • Cologne
  • Dortmund
  • Movie Park (for his Birthday, it's an amusement parc!)

Sooo if you know or live in Germany you should know this is pretty much for 2 weeks....So I was a little stressed to plan this(・~・)...But I did my best for him (I also lost around 800euro haha but it's okay, he pays also always for me in Japan and even more....)

 Actually he made more and better pictures with is Canon Camera but he isn't home yet and I can't wait to write this post... Maybe I will add some of his pictures later! Check it out then please!(๑◕‿←๑)

Oh and before I forget this....He also gave me some presents from Japan...(>_<)

 He knows that one of my favorite japanese brands is Liz Lisa THANKS SO MUCH!!!


New Popteen but I didnt read it yet...

LizLisa Earrings!!!!!

 He also bought some new Eyelash glue but I forgot to take a picture of that...

Sooo at the first day we didn't do much...Of course he was so tired ....‎( °、°)
But at the next day we had to ready and go to Füssen (South, south, REALLY SOUTH Germany!!)
Please check out a GermanyMap...
I live in the west of Germany, near Dortmund and Füssen near Garmisch....Yeah, just check it out...

So we used the train (also a cheaper and slower one...) for around 12 hours...( ´_つ`)

So this was our Hotel! Just when we arrived a bus full of japanese and chinese tourists appeared there too... This place is a little famous for them haha

Because we arrived at night, we had to sleeep there and at the next day we could go to the castles!
But first some pictures of the cute city Füssen!(´・ω・`)

I wanted a Dirndl!(Traditional German clothes)

Germanese boy!

Hohenschwangau Castle

The swan is one of the main symbol/topics of both castles
He was embarressed to use my backpack (bought in Harajuku!!) so later we bought a new one....

Sadly we weren't allowed to take pictures of the inside of both castles but if you are interested you can google it!(#^∇^#)

Next is Neuschwanstein Castle but the outside is under construction. Still, sooo many people  were there!! The way up to the castle was exhausting....(;-ω-)ノ

 Pleasedont look at my looks a little ...strange

Our Tickets! We payed aroud 40 euro for the 2 different castle tours...But no pictures allowed...

 The view was amazing, we took many pictures!

Best Picture!!

On the houses are many pictures, this is a traditional south German house! I love these!!! I want one like this!

Goood Byeeee beautiful Füssen, we had a great time~~~

Next station was Munich!☆彡 I have to say, this was my favourite place of our whole journey.(◎>∀<◎)
Even if we couln't find a Hotel at first (because I had to change my travel plan I didn't reserve a hotel in Munich....)
But then luckily I found a goood Hotel. Sheraton (Yusuke told me after I booked a room by my phone it is actually an expensive and international hotel...I didn't know....haha) m(*・´ω`・*)m ごめんЙЁ

 After some minutes our super cooool rooom looked already a lil messy orz

 Our view over munich.... I want to go there again with him!

At night we went out a little, just walked around somewhere bacause the weather was so nice, even at night!

The Pizza was very good! I didn't know "Ditsch"! We don't have it here in West Germany--- Or at least I don't know where it is here....

Then at the next day we went out for some seightseeing and shopping.ヽ(*'0'*)ツ

Us in the German U-bahn! In the morning it was so empty so we took pictures!

Take care, there is a BIG BIG FISH!

I think this church was called "Frauenkirche"?

Main place of the city Munich

 Then we went to the "Hofbräuhaus". It's a famous mhhhh maybe restaurant which is in the style of south bavaria! My boy wanted to try "Weisswürstchen" which are only in South germany!(*´σー`) I have never tried these and I don't want....He said he likes the "Currywurst" more after this haha But he tried both! I'm proud of him!(๑╹◡╹๑ )

Of course he wanted to drink German beer! And happily, he liked it! I drank cola....I don't like beer (>.<)

Here you can see our food! It was around 20 euro....Well, the taste was very good anyway!

 Opera of munich

Biiig shopping center!! But sooo many expensive brands only....So we just looked a little 

I LOVED this church! The inside is so beautiful...I forgot the name of it...I have to ask Yusuke maybe and then I add the name later here :)

Sooo many details....The pictures doesn't show how beautiful it was !!! You should go there by yourself and you will be surprised!( ゚∀。)

Then we walked around a parc near this church and waited that our train would bring us now to Würzburg - Our next station!

At the end I finally tried on a Dirndl...but at a normal shop like H&M (New Yorker) and even there it was around 40 euro....In a real Dirndl shop one dress was around 100-120 euro and this was the cheapest one...I didn't buy it anyway haha Maybe if we go to the Oktoberfest next year!!

 Later on that day we went to Würzburg and arrived there at night. We just check in and went out to eat Pizza....After this we slept!(♛ฺД♛ฺ)
Luckily I booked a room + breakfast so at the next day we could eat relaxed and started our day very good!!

My simple outfit that day! I bought this shirt one day before in Munich at New Yorker!
 On this day we had around 39°C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we went to sightseeing....We had to walk so much...After this trip Yusuke got sick...(゚c_、゚ )Maybe it was tooo much, the flight, the stress and the heat. Anyways, I got sick one day after he got sick XD But it was in Berlin....You can read about this in the next post!(๑◕‿←๑)

Us at the Hotel before leaving! I just looooovee to cuddle!

 We went to this garden , actually we wanted to enter the Marienberg Castle but we could go only to a museum which is near this small "castle"... But before this we found a small Japanese garden and also a Rose garden and made a break time there!! It was so hot and at this time we didn't have any drinks....HELL!!!!(´、ゝ`)

 Sorry the left picture is in the wrong order...i dont know how to change this but it's only in Japanese and German anyway(  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;)

Now some pictures of the inside of the museum...I don't post many because it was a little ......boring....but okay it was only 3 euro for each person so I guess it was OK!

 Some old clothes

 These faces...made me smile and actually a little scared...Yusuke said he thinks they will be alive at night and if the lights are turned off....I really think so too!!!(  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;) Who had these in their gardens???!!?!?!

I wonder if this is really gold or they just panted these in this colour hahah

The Marien Castle! I wanted to enter iiiiitttt aahhhhhh....

At the end we went to the "Residenz" in Würzburg, I didn't know about this but Yusuke had 2 books about Germany so we could know sooo many interesting seightseeing places!
He made more pictures of this building but of coure we weren't allowed to take pictures of the inside again which made me really dissappointed... ‎( °、°)I will post some of his pictures also! Maybe in this post but maybe it't better in the next post! There I have also some pictures of him in front of this building! Because we were only 2 persons it was difficult to take pictures together, but sometimes we asked other people if they would make a picture of us ;-) But he has these pictures on the camere sooooo I will post them in the next post!!

I know I wrote so much again but sorry I have no time at the moment to make more smaller posts. I hope you forgive me this
(゚c_、゚ ).

At the end I just want to show you some pictures of my make up and clothes I  made before my boyfriend came to visit me!GOOD☆( ゚Д゚)b

Derp face on the right....(ノω・、)

 Purikura app!! But I prefere the real Purikura in Japan( ゚,_ゝ゚)

Okay that is all for now! I hope I didn't bore you tooo tooo too much! I'm also thinking to get some extensions in Japan, that would be my first time.★≡(−_^) My sister found a shop were you can get maybe 50 pieces of real human hair for around 6000yen! My boyfriend would say I don't need these....but I want to try it at least(=◕ ε ◕=) 9

Oh and I also forget to post pictures of my graduation...Maybe I will do this also in the next post ...Or not XD
Here is a small Prieview of my dress from this day:

That would be also the lenght of my permanent extensions >.< I think I would love them

The next post will contain:

  • Berlin
  • Cologne
  • Dortmund
  • MoviePark
  • aaaaaaaaand Japan (Or I will post this in a 3rd post :)

Take care lovlies until then ∵ゞ(´ε`●)


  1. HIiii!!
    I always read you, your blog is so oool and you seem a cheerful and lovely girl, so its nice to see your new post! Specially about you and your boyfriend cause my boyfriend is japanese too so its more interesting knowing about another couples ^o^. I hope you continue writting for a looooong long time!
    greetings from spain, beautiful!

  2. hohoh this rebel keyboard...i meant "so coool"

  3. woooooooooow was für ein langer Post*0*
    danke für dein Kommi erstmal^^
    wie schön dass Yusuke dich besuchen gekommen ist, du hast echt Glück mit ihm würd ich mal sagen^^
    Wie immer bin ich super neidisch auf dich weil du wieder nach Japan kannst XDD ne quatsch, gönns dir ja^^ Du siehst so hübsch aus und die Fotos von euren Trips sind echt toll*0*

  4. hi dear, that's my first time commenting on your cute bloggie❤ und wie ich sehe, kann ich auch auf Deutsch schreiben ^-^y wow~ du hast ja wirklich supi-mega-viel mit deinem Freund unternommen. irgendwie typisch Japanisch. das war sicher auch ein wenig anstrengend >.<;

  5. How wonderful your boyfriend could stay for two weeks in Germany! I am sure you missed him so much. You are such a sweet couple!

    I really also want to visit Füssen and Neuschwanstein! It is so beautiful!

    You are still so beautiful!
    And it is great you can visit Japan! (*-*)

  6. Super huge mega post!
    Usually I like those but this time it was quite tiring... unfortunately.
    But I was stunned from the beginning how you could afford such a super big trip!? o:
    Somehow this question stucked in my head the whole entry... xD
    I'm happy you most probably had a good time with your boyfriend and I'm keen about the next post already. (;
    'Don't need to mention, that I envy you for going to Japan AGAIN!? XD

    ... ehh... nope. Unfortunately I still don't know if I'll go to Japan this year. Actually it's planned... but not sure yet. (sigh)

  7. Such a nice post. Im ur new follower <3 Looks like u had fun in Germany with ur boyfriend! And soon Japan, ur such a lucky girl. I hope to go to Japan to visit my boyfriend in October :D I wish u to have a nice time!!! :)x

  8. The trip to several places in Germany is/was a really really nice idea :D!! And sure quite expensive huh?.. I really like the pictures and your posts aren't boring or something like that I really like them and enjoy reading them :]! I'm looking forward to your next post *-*
    xoxo ♥
    Pls blog more~

    1. was...I think I lost around 800 euro for everything but it was worth it :) We had such a great time ^^
      Thank you very much! I reallly apprichiate this <3
      I wanted to check out your blog, but somehow I can't :(

  9. Great photos! Wow, you've done so much traveling!!! And thanks for the sweet comment! I'm definitely following back!
    A's Fashion Files
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  10. thanks so much for your sweet comment :) following you :) such lovely pictures! great blog :)

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    So beautiful post! You look so sweet together.

    So...and the hairstyle.
    I found a tutorial on youtube for you.
    It is very easy.
    Good luck! ^^

  12. You look so cute together! ♥
    I have the same T-shirt from Newyorker but in dark grey! ^^

  13. Seems so exciting ! *-*
    I really enjoyed reading this long post,
    I love your Blog ~♥ ~ Neko ;3

  14. Hey. :)
    Nein du verfolgst mich noch nicht. Also bist kein Leser. Hab bis jetzt nur 1. XD
    Aber dein Blog ist sooo süß. *o*

    Der Ueno-Zoo ist wirklich so toll. Vor allem die Pandas. Da hab ich auch zum 1.mal einen echten gesehen. XD

  15. Hey : )
    danke für deinen Kommi.
    Dein Blog ist total süß & ich finde du bist total hübsch.
    Und deine Extensions sehen auch total gut aus :)!

  16. Oo, it's a very long post, but I read every word and I saw every picture ;) I would like go to Japan like you... I've never been in Germany, but maybe one day I will go there ^^ On my blog was written that bubble tea is unhealthy, for example: it has many calories. Yes, An Cafe will go to my country, but I will not be on their concert ;( Thank you so much for your comment. I know that you don't understand my posts, but I decided that I will write only in my language - it's easier and faster for me (but maybe one day I will decide that I translate all my posts... I don't know... I need enough time for this). Bye, bye ^^ (

  17. Ho girl ! You're lucky ! These stuff are expensive ! Your boyfriend really loves you *-*
    Germany is so beautiful ! Like France, but not the same~ I want to visit Berlin *-* And you're so cute wearing this Dirndl! This looks sexy on you~ :3
    Your pictures are so lovely, you're so beautiful!

    Btw, thanks for your comment !

    1. I wanted to check out your blog but I can't :( That's sad... Did you delete your Blog? i don't hope so...
      Please visit germany! I never visited france too, I want to see Paris someday ^^

  18. Ohoooo riesiger Post! Hat erstmal gedauert ^-^
    Freut mich, dass du nach Japan gehst *_* So schön, dass dein Freund da war *_* Ich sehs schon, ziemlich viel zutun gehabt mit dem Sightseeing :) Ihr müsst mal nach Frankfurt kommen, da gibts auch was zu sehen ^-^ Obwohl das für einen Japaner nicht sonderlich interesant sein sollte, bei den vielen Hochhäusern xD
    Ich LIEBE dein Makeup *_* Die letzten Bilder sind so toll *_* Machst du noch Bilder mit den neuen Dolly Wink Lashes? *Q* Ich hoffe du hast viel Spaß in Japan!!! <3

  19. Danke für den langen, lieben Kommentar unter meinem Blog!! :'> ♥
    Da muss ich doch glatt mal zurück kommentieren!

    Wie süß das ist, dass dein Freund dir das alles mitgebracht hat! ^^
    Und viel Spaß in Japan.. ich will auch endlich wieder hin! ,_____,

    München ist btw auch eine meiner Lieblingsstädte hier, auch wenn ich da erst zwei mal war.. xD
    Bin gespannt, was du über Dortmund zu berichten hast, da komm ich nämlich ursprünglich her! |D
    (Hier in Duisburg und Düsseldorf gibt es btw Ditsch auch..)

    Ich liebe dein Make-up *__* Und deine Haare!
    Es ist so.. erwachsen, aber auch so elegant! Das finde ich sehr toll~

  20. Hii! Yeah I seen your two comments in my blog. Thank you so much for this! Your blog is so cute *^*
    You have a lot of lucky for to can go to Japan. I want to go there T^T but it's too expensive to me in this moment. In the future... :D
    Ohh is the same t-shirt! lol It's great! In XL is also beautiful!
    I hope that you passed a great time with your boyfriend! ^^
    I went to Berlin 4 years ago and I like it so much ^^

    Kisses! :3

  21. dankeschön für dein kommi :D
    wow dein blogeintrag ist echt rieesig :D
    toll das dein freund dich besuchen kommen konnte :D und ich bin schon sehr gespannt was du so schönes in japan erlebst ;)
    das schloss neuschwanstein sieht wirklich toll aus. vill sollte ich da irgendwann mal mit meinem freund auch mal hin und es ansehen.
    lg kaddy :D

  22. *followed* nya~ich dachte, ich wäre schon follower bei dir gewesen, aber irgendwie hatte ich nie updates in meiner blog-list >.<; wenn du magst schau mal auf meinem blog vorbei, würde mich freuen❤

  23. Everywhere you have gone are just amazing!! I envy you a lot xDDD
    You and your boyfriend look soooo cute together <3

    and adding here my refly to you on my blog:
    haha, sorry for posting only in portuguese lol
    and no, I went there in my 'natsu yasumi' with a friend ^^
    TGS is TokyoGameShow, the second biggest event about games [it was the biggest one, but now it is in USA if i'm not wrong]
    Unfortunatly I'll not able to see you in tokyo ;3; I'll go there again in December :/

    Bon voyage!

  24. Thanks for your comment, sweetie! It made me really happy~! <3

  25. hi! thanks for you comment^^!
    this photo are beautifull, you've see so many wonderfull place^_^!!

    I Want back in Japan too XO!!


  26. Aw. Happened to drop to your blog by random, and all that Japan stuff feel sort of familiar as I used to live in Japan before. I'm finnish by origin and moved back to Finland a couple of years ago and now wondering when it would be a good moment to go back to Japan to visit my friends and in-laws (my husband is Japanese).
    I like the gyaru style too, looks cute, but only on other people and fashion mags, not on me lolz~
    xxx Lara

  27. i envy you that you had such a great time with your boyfriend. ^^ my boyfriend is always busy -.-

    That present your boyfriend gave you is fabulous O.O I want that bag too. So cute~

    Dein Blog-Post ist wieder mal prima! Du hattest sehr viel Spaß. Wünsche dir viel Spaß weiterhin und auch in Japan. Ich hoffe, ich werde es nächste Jahr mal schaffen, da hinzufliegen T-T
    Chu chu~

  28. awww, oh how much i love your pictures! you have such a pretty face~ <3 the pictures about your trip in germany are also very good :D interesting pictures! it's really cute that your boyfriend visited you in germany :D really lucky! both of you are so cute together. germanese~xD so cute~ I'm looking forward to your next posts! <3
    btw I like your white shirt with the dark cross <3

  29. Hi sweetie, thanks a lot for your sweet comment and for your compliment ;)
    Oh really, you want to follow?? It's a big pleasure to have a follower as you! Thanks ♥ :3
    But I don't know how you can follow me, I only got bloglovin and hellocoton! :'( Maybe you can come sometimes on my blog to see my post, and maybe sometimes I can come in your blog so tell you about my news post too ;) That's ok


  30. You are so cute! You make such a cute couple. When I lived in the UK my bf never came to visit LOL are you excited about Japan? This month every year the weather become bad but I hope you have fun. If you come to Kobe or Osaka I wanna see you and say thank you for always reading my blog. P.s I like your style

  31. Such amazing pics! Looks like a fun time and your have amazing style!

  32. This is really a long and interesting post! I can see that you travel a lot especially in such a great company "your boyfriend" it is really pleasant you are so beautiful together! I wish you lots of happiness!
    kiss my lovely

  33. Thank you ^^ it's so nice to heart that from real gyaru <3 you are so pretty ^-^
    I will start writing my posts in english so if you will check sometimes my page i will be so so happy ^^ <3
    You are a pretty nicei couple ^-^/ you both look cute and so happy :)

  34. hello dear!!!! (*^___^*)!!
    thank you for your wonderful comment!!!! you´re so kind!!!!!!
    I love read your blog!!!! it´s so interesting!!!!!
    really the pictures are very amazing!!!! I love it!!! (^o^)!!
    I´m glad you enjoyed so much with your boyfriend!!!!
    and I hope you have a good travel to Japan!!!!

    see you soon!!!!! (=^____^=)

  35. Hallo

    Danke für den lieben Kommentar :)
    Arigatou für das tolle Kompliment, das ist total lieb. Ich mag dein Make-Up auch sehr. Die Lashes stehen dir immer total gut.
    Wenn du es nicht schon gesagt hättest hätte ich darauf getippt das Liz Lisa eine deiner Fav. Marken ist, das passt zu dir ;) Und die Tasche ist echt hammer <3

    Awww ist das schön :D Echt toll wie du ihm alles gezeigt hast und ihr eine so tolle Zeit hattet. Er sieht auch sehr glücklich aus finde ich ^-^

    Ich wünsche dir gaaanz viel spass in Japan *auch will ;)*


  36. Ich könnte jetzt das selbe schreiben wie alle anderen.. weil ich das auch alles toll finde, aber mach ich nicht! xD
    Dafür muss ich noch los werden.. ich liebe deine Augenbrauen *0*

  37. Thanks for your comment!
    I've just come back from Japan haha (^O^)
    I hope you have a nice time there with your boyfriend!
    It's nice that he went to Germany to see you (^^)!!

  38. Wieder ein toller Post. :)
    Und ich bin so neidisch auf dich, du fliegst nach Japan und bist gerade da. u__u Wünsche dir ganz viel Spaß da!
    Und du kommst auch aus dem NRW, toll! *-* Allerdings kenne ich Kempen nicht, obwohl ich ganz nah bei dir wohne.. :D
    xoxo. ♥ :3

  39. Both of you look so cute together!!! Seems like such a fun trip!! I wish I can go to Germany one day :) Have fun in Dubai and Japan!! Can't wait to see your pictures when you are back dear <3 btw you look super adorable in your makeup look

  40. im sorry to hear u lost 800 eurs, but have great time in japan!

  41. Such lovely photos! You guys are so cute :3 Hope you're having a great time in Japan! Looking forward to reading about it when you get back :D

  42. Oooohhhh, du bist im Moment in Japan? Waaahhhh, ich will auch *____*
    Ich wünsche dir da viel Spaß. Gibt sicher einiges zu sehen =)

  43. ach meine sind auch nicht so mega gesund, leider, obwohl ich sie geschnitten habe ): Momentan ist die farbe leider auch mehr oder weniger draussen, buhuhu ich würde sie auch so gerne umfärben aber muss noch nen passendes färbemittel finden das nicht nach 2 mal waschen raus geht ):

    meine haare sehen auch nur so flauschig und volumig aus wegen der methode mit denen ich meine haare mache ; x ; ansonsten sehen die voll doof aus, als hätt ne kuh oder so drüber geleckt, haha..

  44. thanks for your comment !
    I'm sorry I didnt read it for a while.
    I'm happy that you post the comment:)
    and I wanted to see you in this your stay in japan.
    I'll also follow your twitter.
    and I want to more talk with you <33
    see you soon<333

    have a good time!

  45. okaaay, ich bemerke gerade, dass mir deine posts nicht mehr in meiner timeline angezeigt werden... wieso auch immer .____.

    aber sieht nach viel spaß und sightseeing aus :) ich hoffe ihm hat deutschland gefallen.

    bilder aus japan hab ich ja schon auf fb gesehen ;)

  46. Hey gorgeous

    I would like to say nice blog and appreciate if you can followed me back on my GFC and I followed u . Cox I wanna be ur friend

  47. oh god your pretty <3 and i love your style ! ^^

  48. Ah, I love your pics! You two are so cute together❤

    Keep up posting cool stuff! xx

  49. Aah! You two are the cutest thing ever!
    Hehe, it's so sweet that you both visit each other in your home countries! >W<

  50. You are so cute couple! ^^ I wish the best for your relationship! Thanks for sharing a lot of nice pictures ^^