Montag, 18. Juni 2012

Photoshoot, Letter form Japan, Youtube video, News, News, News, Please read :)

Hello my Dear followers !ヽ(*'0'*)ツ
Sorry again that you had to wait so long until my new post!
Many things happened but let's start here:

I just read a comment on my last post by:
"Hi.. I love your blog, just wanted to inform you that this girl might have stolen your header.."

First of all, thanks so much for that information darling :)
But I have to admit that this actually isn't my header too!
I found it on photobucket....(ノω・、) ウゥ・・
But now I was thinking about to make my own header! But I don't know how...Σ(●´艸`●)ぇ???
With photoshop? Somebody can help me?

And Thanks for all of your comments, I will answer them soon, when I have time, please be a little patient! Thanks(๑╹◡╹๑ )

Okay on to the next topic!

I made a Youtube Account and also recorded a video for my followers!(。・ε・。)
I hope you like it (Sorry for the (sound) quality/make up/hair and my English....)
Nevertheless, I hope you like my video☆彡
When I have time I will upload more videos of me/make up/outfits or just my day!

Well, as you can see I uploaded it yesterday so it was before the soccer game!!!
The game is over already and Germany won! Thanks for your support and I hope you don't mind it's from yesterday!(;-ω-)ノ

Now I want to show you some more of my Photoshooting pictures my friend made of me!(´・ω・`)
She said when she has time we can make another shooting also! I'm looking forward to it! Thanks Eileen!!
Oh and the shooting is a little old already and YES I know my make up wasn't perfect on that day :) But it's ok I had fun and nobody is perfect!


Now I want to show you some pictures of my friend Eileen and me!!(*゚ー゚)ゞ

We're crazy, I know hahaha(*´σー`)

Now some pictures of my package my boyfriend sended me!!
So cute, many Rilakkuma Items!! ゆうすけ、あいしてるよ!!I love you my Darling!!ιоνё(●´Å`)ε`○)снц♪

I really liked this sentences on the package of the Iphone case he also sent me ヽ(*'0'*)ツ

Thats the case! I have also a sticker for the front side but I don't know how to take a picture of it....

I want to end this Topic with a picture of my Darling and me!(๑◕‿←๑)

Oh~ and I forgot.......I got a JOB!!!!(#^∇^#)
But because of this I won't be able to go to japan in June....。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。
I guess we will go there in September now! Maybe that's better because I will have moneeey yay and this will be my time in Japan

Well, it's a job assistiant (?) in a Jeans shop! Of course we do not only sell jeans but it's our main thing!

I have to learn much about jeans and it's manufacturing!! But it's interesting and I also like to work with our costumers!ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

 My working place☆彡

Well, 2 weeks ago I actually planned to go to the Japan day in Düsseldorf but my sister couldn't find her Bus card with what we could drive there for free....(normal price is 24€ for one person...)
So we couldn't go....(;-ω-)ノ

I just used my make up and made my hair for around 2 hours buuuuuut WHATEVEEEER....I was really angry..... But next year we will go there!

Here my actual outfit....

Now, last but now least some pictures of my Make up and new gets :)

Less make up(´・ω・`)

My new shoes! I bought them with my grandma! From 30€ they only cost 10€! I had to buy them!!!(;-ω-)ノOrz

Well, for more pictures you can visit my poupee girl! Its on my blog on the right side! Please click on the poupee girl picture for this!!

Ok now I have to sleep because I have to wake up tomorrow early for my work!(´艸`)
I will be back with a new post when I could get my Circle Lenses from PINKYPARADISE but first I have to go to my optican.....
Or when we bought the Tickets to Japan YAAAAY(つω`*)

Until then, please take care my lovely followers(*´ω`)・^* )CнЦ♪

PS: Some pictures with soccer inspiration (for those who don't know: (Right now we have the European Soccer Cup!)
Of course I am for Germany!!!:)

(Actually I'm ot into soccer....just for the european and world cup!! hahaha)

Oh~ and also my mom and me (maybe also my sisters) decided to go to a gym! Just to keep us fit and maybe also loose some weight!
Wish us luck :)


  1. du bist so hübsch! ; v ; ♥

  2. I can help you with some editing though~~~ if you want me to make you a header just mail me ok!!! XD~~~ have a nice day, tehe~

  3. Why are you so pretty?? *__*
    Congrats for winning at soccer! (I'm not very into soccer but... xD)
    Post more often pleeeeeeeeeeease :D

  4. woooooooow tolles shooting, du bist superhübsch, tolles Päckchen von deinem Freund :3
    Wie toll dass du in einem Jeansshop arbeiten kannst ;o; Ich wate auf die Zusage um in meinen Lieblingscafé zu arbeiten ;o; Man will doch immer nen Job der spaß macht ne^^

  5. Du siehst echt so hübsch aus auf den Fotos ♥
    Das Päckchen von deinem Schatz ist ja süss, sooooo viel Rilakkuma!!!! Ich bin ganz Neidisch X3 xDDDD
    Liebe Grüße und viel Spaß im neuen Job ^.^

  6. hu...did you change your eyebrow style? in some pictures it looks a tad weird ww ><
    but you are pretty as always <3

  7. Echt toller Post. Machte freuede Ihn zu lesen.
    Und dein Style ist sooo toll. Hübsche du ;)
    Awww, ist dein Freund süss. Echt lieb von ihm.

    Schau doch mal bei mir vorbei:

  8. Is it odd that I find your vanity pics so modelesque? You have a good arm to take such pretty self-photos ahaha..

    If you want a header, I actually wouldn't mind making one for you :P I have spare time and have a fair amount of experience with photoshop (web/graphics designer here). Just send me a PM with what colors you want, what images you want on it (if you want any images of yourself that you like particularly or images of other models send them in as well) and I'll try to make an original header to your liking :P

    That or I can walk you through the process haha :P

  9. GERMANY ^_______________________^!!!!

    Ich bin auch für sie:D

    mag deine Bilder total <3

  10. Hello I'm ^^
    I'm a blogger, in fact I do my blog since already 1 year (I think, I'm not sure ;P HiHi) but I have decided to continue this one again! :)
    I really hope you'll love my blog, I speak about myself, my life, what I love... I write it in French cuz I'm a French girl, so maybe you can't understand! :'(
    But I put a lot of pictures so I really hope you'll love it ;P
    So please, come to see my blog and tell me about it ^^
    Have a nice day and I hope to see you soon ?

    (I'm so sorry if you don't understand my language! :'( But if you want you can read my blog with your language, you write "" on google and click on "translate this page" (something like that ^^) and you choose your language, after that you'll can to read my blog in your language! ;)
    I hope you can understand :P)

    kisses ? ;P


  11. Schlaaaand ! :3
    Kann es sein, dass du bei 'Jeans Fritz' arbeitest?
    & waah, wieso willst du abnehmen? ._.
    Egal, tolle Bilder c; & das Päckchen von deinem Freund ist ja mal über niedlich *-*

    ~ ♥

    1. Ja ich arbeite bei jeans fritz :-)
      ach nur an meinen oberschenkeln etwas :/
      man ist ja immer etwas selbstkritisch :D

      daaanke diir:) freut mich dass dir alles gefällt ;_;

  12. Neuer Blog Eintrag yaaaaay☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Du bist so schön und dein make-up ist auch immer so toll... Bitte zeig mir wie du das machst? Mein make UP sieht so ungyaru und hässlich aus (ToT)/~~~ Ich fände es schön mal wieder mit dir zu chatten, leider ist mein Laptop kaputt m(._.)m
    Oh man ich will auch nach Japan endlich XD Abef mit Geld in Japan ist doppelter Spaß ☆〜(ゝ。∂)Und Yusuke ist süß wie immer... Da bekomme ich Sehnsucht nach liebe XD hoffe du kannst ihn bald in RL wieder sehen (^◇^)Liebe Grüsse ♡

  13. Save looooots of money for Japan! I'm going next week and saved $3000CAD but it's not enough at all because the yen is so high now.. so I can't shop for myself, just buy food D;
    But good luck and save uuuuup <3

  14. ach du bist immer so hübsch ♥

  15. ich fliege auch von 19.8 - 7.9 nach japan <3 freu mich schon so sehr~ wheee~ *-*
    deine fotos sind immer so süß <3
    und die rilakkuma sachen sind ja auch niedlich <33

  16. Thanks for your comment ♥
    I'm so happy you found my new blog and keep following me there!
    Your video was so cute! But I guess you don't have to be soo nervous. (;
    What you said was so nice and even though I'm absolutely not into soccer at all (also not if there is any cup!!) your supporter outfit was nice :)

    Good luck with your job! Recently I'm searching for a second job because I want to save much more money... because MAYBE (maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe) I'll be able to go to Japan this year as well... *^*

  17. Plus:

    Na dann musst du wirklich zum Optiker wegen diesen Werten...
    Ich brauchte sowas allerdings nicht wissen und meine Linsen sitzen super - keine Probleme, gar nichts.
    Ich hab mittlerweile zwei Paar von MapleLens und ich werd auch meine nächsten dort bestellen.
    Der Service ist super, die Preise honorabel und die Lieferung per FedEx ist einfach genial.
    Die werden aus Malaysia verschickt und waren schneller da, als meine Haarteile aus England!!

    Ich mag lange Einträge eigentlich... aber ich kenn einige, die das vielleicht abschrecken würde... (;

  18. Oh your boyfriend is really sweet! Love all the Rilakkuma stuff!

    Ahhh I love your makeup.. it's so beautiful~~

  19. awwww the package from ur bf is sooooooo adorobs <3
    love rilakkuma *w*
    you're so lovely with less make up on,srsly =))
    oh...i need to start going to gym too -_- hope next week i'll finally go there ^^

  20. du bist soooo hübsch *_*... poste bitte etwas mehr, dass wäre voll cool.. und das päckchen von deinem freund ist ja mal voll süüüß.. :D..!

  21. I watched your video and photos. Oh, you're a big fan of football... Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine ^^ Lucas Podolski and Miroslav Klose are from Poland ( my country )and they're great German footballers.
    OMG, I like these things with Rilakkuma ^^ So cute... I wish you good luck in new job.
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog.
    I haven't the Hello Kitty guitar, but my sister has a pillow, t-shirts, sweets, etc.
    Bye ;) (

  22. Your video is very nice!! (^O^)
    Oh, good luck with your new job!!
    All the presents you recived from your boyfriend are so cute! I love Rilakkuma (^O^)

  23. I'm following you now too~
    Congratulations on your new job! I hope to get one for summer too.
    And you're so beautiful <3 You're also very good at gyaru make-up. I tried to do it some time ago, but it wasn't just "it" if you know what I mean :)

  24. aww du bist richtig hübsch *-* ich liebe die fotos von deinem shooting ♥ das make up sieht außerdem sehr toll aus :3


  25. I love you hair style in the photoshoot, your curls look amazing *__*!!
    And omg! you are going to Japan again!!? so jealous! I have to get a job too so I can go ;__;!
    And your boyfriend is so sweet *__* all that Rilakkuma stuff is soo cuteee!!
    Take care hun!! *0*! hope I can visit your blog more often :D <3

  26. I could make a header for you! I wouldn't mind at all, infact I would really love to!

  27. hello!!!!!! (*^_____^*)
    thank you very much for your beautiful comment on my blog every post!!! you´re very kind!!!!
    I love your video!!!!! so cool!! and your english it´s great!!!!
    OMG!!! your photos are very cute!!!! you´re sooooooo cute!!!! (*^o^*)
    woooow!! I love all os Rilakkuma!!! it´s so cute!! your boyfriend is very sweet!!!!
    wooow!! I wanna go to Japan too!!! and I get job there too!!!!

    have a nice day!!!!!! bye bye!! (*^____^*)

  28. Danke, dass du ein Cutie meiner kleinen Welt geworden bist♥ (>ω<*)ノ Du hast übrigens auch einen sehr süßen Blog♡\(・∀・*)


  29. Die einen Heels sind sooooo toll, ich hab sie auch, nur in einer anderen Farbe :)
    du bist echt einfach soooo hübsch und hast so tolle Augen :)
    schreib mal bitte jetz öfters ;)

    LG Mona

  30. Miiiieeee-chan! (^.^) Dein Video ist so süß! Wenn ich zuckersüß bin, bist Du es erst recht!
    Und oh mein Gott! (°_°) Dein Freund ist ein Japaner! Mein Herz schlägt erst mal schneller vor Aufregung! Ich finde das so toll! Ich würde ja gern wissen, wie ihr euch kennen gelernt und wie ihr zusammen gekommen seid. (^_^)
    Ach ja ... und ich finde es toll, dass Du auch in Fitness Studio gehst. Aber glaub mir: Du brauchst kein Gewicht verlieren! (^_~) Mach es wegen der Gesundheit und des Spaßes.
    Hättest Du Lust, dass wir uns mal privat Nachrichten schreiben? Meine email-Adresse ist halbwizzen[at] Ich würde mich sehr freuen!

  31. Hi, Mia~!

    You look soooo~ cute in the youtube video and your english is fine, no need to worry :D
    It's really sweet of your boyfriend to send you such cute gifts!! I've been to Japan once in year 2006 and I love love their goodies and visiting cosmetics shops! Oh, and congrats on your new job and thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Hope you have a marvelous day, sweetie :D


  32. cute overload! you look amazing and nice photos, your boyfriend is so sweet and I hope you have a great time in Japan :3 congratulations on your job too!

    /reply/ if you could show the hole on your tricot shirt, I could try and help :)

  33. ach bei mir lief es mehr oder weniger ganz ok, hauptsache ich habe es hinter mir und bestanden xD
    Die türkisen schuhe sind übrigens voll toll ! und die bilder von dem photoshooot auch, siehst sehr süß aus :)
    das spiel gibt es im übrigen soweit ich weiß auch für xbox, es ist ganz lustig vorallem die dialoge und die graftk etc allerdings nervt es nur das man nicht speichern kann ):

  34. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)
    You are a really cute girl and pretty as well...
    I have watched your video on youtube and also comment on it..

    Would you like to join Oasap giveaway here

  35. u are soooo cute! i love your pics and blog! of course i follow :)

  36. Love Rilakumma!!! You are so pretty!!!
    I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!

  37. mein Computer stürzt auch andauernd ab -.-

    und ich finde dein Blog echt klasse so viele posts und so interessant awww iwie kommts mir manchmal vor als ist mein Blog Langweilig xD und danke das du ein follower bist ich bin jetzt auch einer deiner follower =)
    und das du videos machst find ich auch super =D
    achsoo.. nee leider kann ich kein japanisch -.-

    P.S.: das muss ich einfach sagen du und dein Freund ihr passt echt gut zusammen ihr seht so süß aus *-* =D

  38. waw I see that your post is very long but interesting especially when my comment will be too! I can read the joy of living on your face. In addition I find your make up successful even you do not find success as usual. You're very pretty, your friend also. I find cute and all that your boyfriend gave you, it's very romantic. Mine does not even offered me four years since we've been together, I know it's pathetic. Anyway it's great video you made for members of your blog. You can now count me among them hi hi :) I hope you are doing well with your new job
    Take care of you kiss <3

  39. Ohh you look gorgeous! I'd love to visit Japan!! You have a great blog! x

  40. Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.

  41. Hi! So many thanks for the follow and you have a new follower!
    You look so cool in pics *^*

    Byebye~! <3

  42. Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.

  43. Thank you so much for your comment. Of course I like it :-D
    Yes I wear classes, my problem is, that I can't wear lenses... I tried all types of them, but all hurt after 1 -2 hours. After nearly one year trying several ones my optician found out my eyes are too dry for them. Funny they, right?!

    Awww, I watched your Video, It's very cute. Sadly I can't support Switzerland, they weren't good enough for attend the plays, grumph. So I hope for you your country will win ;)

    Where do you live in Germany? Maybe we can all make a meet up, German and Swiss bloggers ;)

    That's okay about the tagging post.

  44. awww you´re sooo cute!
    Und so ein langer blogeintrag! ^___^
    Aber es hat mir viel spaß gemacht ihn zu lesen und ich denke ich werde heute abend noch ein paar ältere beiträge lesen ^^
    bis dahin
    pass auf dich auf!

  45. thank you for your sweet comment in my blog ♥ I admire you for your beatiful face ♥♥ Because you looks like a real "european gyaru"♥

  46. Hoo, Thank you so much for you answer ! :D
    So, yes, I usually wear a wig that I bought on Ebay for 25$ ;) Cheap and really good quality !

  47. You look so beautiful and love your gorgeous eyes!!

  48. Wow du bist ja mal mega hübsch. (:
    Vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar auf meinem Blog. ^w^/ Hab dich auch gleich mal gefollowed.

    1. hey danke für deinen kommentar,hab mich sehr gefreut<3 ! :) leider kann ich nicht auf deinen blog zugreifen, sonst hätte ich dir dort zurückgeschrieben :/

  49. So many "new" ! :3
    I love your blog and you are so beautiful !
    I'm jealous from your hair !

  50. Again so many super Cute pictures of you! I loved the video, maybe you could make some more ^^ Also sweet gift you got from ur bf! Hopefully you guys can meet up soon even though you started working! ^^ Good luck <3

  51. so cute!!^^

  52. Hey, deine post sind immer toll und faszinieren mich.^^ Ich hoffe, dass ich auch mal so ein post schreiben kann :D die fotos, die du gesehen hast, sind aus Wiesbaden ^^
    Hoffe, du wirst mich weiter folgen >.<

  53. I like your hair on the photoshoot a lot! ;3
    also your boyfriend is really sweet ^^ you must miss him a lot! :o

  54. miechan ! i'm glad that you and your boyfriend are still going steady ! ♡♡♡
    thank you for commenting on my blog ! i apologize for the late response . . .◞‸◟ㆀ)in response to your comment . . unfortunately my boyfriend has just gone back to tokyo, so now it's my turn to be in a long distance relationship too . . . . .◞‸◟ㆀ)彼すげぇ会いたい・・he just left canada too . . 一緒にがんばろうね〜!

    1. Thanks for your cute and honest answer :) i wanted to write on your blog but somehow...i cant find the "comment button"...>< so i write back here!
      thanks! i hope you and your boyfriend are also okay?! :)
      could you meet him again ? i hope so!!
      i saw your latest posts and you look cute^^
      i would be happy if you would check out my new post :-)

      until then, take care cutie~

  55. Oh~ You're so beautifull ^^
    I really envy your hair (>w<)wwwww
    If you're coming to Japan in September, you should go to TGS hahaha xD

  56. (ok, der 3. versuch hier einen kommi zu schreiben... xD)
    vielen dank für deinen lieben kommentar <3
    die bilder sind in sanssouci aufgenommen worden (Potsdam) ^^/
    deine fotos sind so hübsch!!!<3333~
    und das rilakkuma paket von deinem freund *o* neid!! xD
    viel spaß bei deinem neuen job :)
    baiiii~ <3

  57. MY GOD YOU'RE FROM GERMANY AND YOU'RE FREAKIN PRETTY. i thought there were only ugly girls lol

    1. hahaha really?! :D thanks !! i take this now as a compliment XD
      im happy!!! :-))

  58. What a Kawaii video u made! You look soo cute, don't say sorry! And your english i very good, don't worry! :)

    I study at KAI Japanese language school, a regular language school, not university. I have student aid from Sweden, that is why I can afford it :)


  59. cute cute cute :)
    a new follower here:)
    wanna follow me back..thanks:)

  60. You are just so cute, makes me want to hug you! LOL

    Your bf is very sweet to send you those things, you know, sometimes I think long-distance relationships have an advantage LOL~ you never get sick of each other, haha~~ And somehow, it seems more romantic. My bf and I have never been far apart, sometimes I wish we can try it lol!

    I also love your Germany soccer outfits, very cute!~~~~~~~~~~

    I also want to congratulate you on your job!!! ;D I hope I find one too!

    Btw, you kinda remind me of Jennifer Love Hewitt, but prettier^^*

    Look forward to your next update, lovelyxx

  61. omg, you are so pretty!(‘∀’●)♡
    I'm in love with your style and your blog <3

  62. Thanks !!! You're very cute too! My exams went very well so Im happy =D
    I hope everything is ok with your lenses!! i'm also busy atm!!!
    Btw your pictures are great!!! love them!!

  63. omg die rilakkumasachen sind soo süß

  64. Hi and thank you for your comment.
    You always look so damn cute in your pictures. ^^

    Sorry, ich antworte gerade total spät, aber ich habe echt gerade viel um die Ohren. Ich werde auch nächste Woche dann mehr darüber schreiben, also was mir gerade so die Energie raubt. ^_~

    Ich finde das so süß, was dir dein Freund immer schickt. Und ich kenne das mit dem Zu-faul-sein-um-zu-schreiben. Mein Mann ist das auch. XD Aber er hat dann krakelige Zeichnungen von uns beiden und so geschickt. Total witzig.

    Und wegen in Deutschland oder in Japan leben: Es ist echt schwierig. Im Moment vermisst mein Mann Japan so sehr, dass es sein kann, dass wir irgendwann auch dort wohnen werden. Wichtig ist nur, dass er dann einen guten Job hat. Er hätte da schon eine Idee, aber wir lassen uns da noch ziemlich Zeit. Vielleicht nächstes, auch erst übernächstes Jahr oder später. Ich hoffe nur, ich kann bald zumindest nur für ein paar Wochen nach Japan. Ich vermisse es auch sehr.

    Ich freu mich schon über deinen Post, wenn du dann über Japan berichtest. Ich lese sowas so gerne, auch wenn ich dann oft mal total Fernweh bekomme. XD

    Oh, und herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Job und dem bestandenen Abi. Das ist schon cool, wenn man dann seine eigene Kohle verdienen kann. ^^

  65. Wow you are so so so pretty darling! I love your eye make <3

  66. hi!! you're so gorgeous!! so cute rilakkuma!!
    i can help you with your own header just ^__^
    if you don't mind check out my blog and follow me if you like
    i'll follow you ^__^

  67. Great post !

    Love your outfit so much!!

    You look FABOULOUS !

    Just stopped by your blog!
    Loved it instantly so I have no choice but to follow you around!!

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



  68. I love your post! You look adorable on all photos! :-)
    I follow you. Follow each other? :-)

  69. great post! followed you in gfc, hope you can follow back!