Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011


Hello cuties~☆彡

How have you been? I hope its everything good!(´艸`)

Sorry that i didnt post last days but i had some  issues 

with my boyfriend which made me feel bad so much><

But now i think,everything is good again!I still miss him 

so much and i hope i can go to Okinawa in April ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

Okie~I also read many other fashion Blogs here on Blogspot 

and i found some really cute styles and pictures

which i want to show you!

Pretty amazing how much make up can change a face!~

Here some more pictures of make up!I really like this gyaru make up...But still i have some problems how to do it>< If somebody can help me or tell me some tricks you can do this :)~ I would be thankful haha!<3

Now some outfit pictures~Some i found on other blogs but i forgot the Blog addresses, sorry>< Next time i will remember and add them so you can know where i took these pictures from★≡(−_^)

I love this combination!She looks very skinny but cute:) I also love her hair and the fox tail!~
 I love her legs! I think in real she is so small but with this combination she makes her legs look so long!LOVE~!!(´艸`)

 I just love these shoes! I want to buy some like this in April but i think they will not sell them anymoreeee ; ;
 This kind of jeans Yumachi is wearing i reaaally like ! Actually i didnt see them for a loooong time but now i like them again! But only in combination with these shoes^^ I want to buy one again!!かわいいですね~+゚*。:゚+o[\/]oω`。).+゚*。:゚+
Now some pictures of cute shoes~

 N.3 is LOVE~!!

 This picture i found a cute blog :) This girl is living in Japan and she is posting maany cute pictures^^
But i just loved this picture~So cute!
Next time i will post her blog!You really have to see it haha~Interesting 

Now some pictures of me :) Actually i didnt like my make up this day...haha~The lipstick is way to strong ><
But i hope it still looks okay^^~
By the way,the hat i bought in Harajuku at Pinklatte♫~(⌒。⌒●) 

Last picture is my boyfriend and me in october 2010~

Satoru by thinking of you, it gives me power for the next day☆彡

I love you~ιоνё(●´Å`)ε`○)снц♪

Thats all for now~(^3^) See you soon!!And take care of yourself~



  1. uuhh bauchfrei... sexxxyyy xD
    would have liked whole outfit shots or less shots while ur playing with ur hair :D
    More variations!

    And that makeup-change-thing "mother of god", wasn't it on g_s?
    It's f***ing crazy!!!!!

  2. I love your hair!
    Some pictures of you remind me of the Ageha model Shizuka Muto hehe ~


  3. Ich find dein Make-Up super <3
    Ist doch total gyaru *Q*
    Und das Bild von deinem Freund und dir ist echt kawaii :3

  4. oh siehst du toll aus, ihr habt alle so tolle haare (;////;) <3
    wer is denn das gal bei dessen bild du geschrieben hast, dass sie dünn aber süß ist? eine bloggerin?^^

  5. I love your hair!
    You are very cute!

  6. Huhu ! :3
    OMG ich will deine Haare ! Die Locken sind toll ! (Ich bekomm die nie so hin T^T *Wäääh~ *)
    Das Bild von dir und deinem Freund ist übrigends einfach nur zuckersüß ! Ihr seid echt ein Traumpärchen ! ☆彡
    zu deinem Kommi auf meiner Seite:
    Haha jaaaaaaa nehm mich mit !!! (≧u≦)/)
    Wenn du da bist musst du auf jedenfall gaaaaaaaaaaanz viele Fotos machen und hochladen,oke ? *___*
    Kannst du eig. japanisch ??? :3


  7. you are soooooooo pretty !!!!!!!!!!! i love your hair, eyes.. makeup!!! everything! =DDDD

  8. You always look really sweet *.*

  9. awww youre superr pretty!! :) and yes I totally agree with the make up thing! LOL thats a transform!! :D

  10. You are so cute girl loveeee the curls!! <3

  11. You are more beautiful than any gyaru I have seen!^-^Your hair is so nice,too...Oh I am going to Japan in march-april,too!When I am in Japan, I'll see my boyfriend and go shopping etc...Yay!Your pictures are all very nice!Cute<3

  12. ich stöber grad ein wenig durch blogs und bin bei deinem hängen gebleiben ^^
    werd denn gleich mal followen <3

    Bist voll ne Hübsche ^^

  13. We're closing Star Club - Gyaru-o Blog
    ( soon!

    Please follow my new blog Ruichimarukyuu

    Thank you!

    Btw: Your pics are amazing! I wish ther would be more gals like you in germany <3

  14. girl you are so cute!
    i loved this post. you seem so fashionable!
    i'm missa by the way! ^_^

    you live in Germany? that is way cool... i've ALWAYS wanted to see how Germany is like, unfortunately i am stuck in california, lol o^_^o

    love this post, and will definitely be checking back for more cute things on your blog!

    have a good rest of your weekend cutie! ^_^

    - missa

  15. I love this post! Gyaru's photos at the mirror are really cute!