Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

こんばんはとありがとうね(=◕ ε ◕=) 9 !!笑~

First of all i want to say sorry because i didnt post for a while!(ノω・、) ウゥ・・

The reason for that is that my japanese boyfriend from okinawa

visited me in germany in late summer*autumn~゚.+:。LOVE゚・*:★⌒ヾ(-ω・*)

Today he just left and i was so sad and cried at the airport><

But~ I guess i will go to Japan again in April :) 

So we can meet again!! Sadly he cannot come to Tokyo

so i think i have to go to Okinawa this time (^3^)v

New experiences for me (。・ω´・。) Still,Im scared because

his friends cannot speak english well !!><;

OK! That was this topic~

Next is .... I was so happy many people

wrote comments on my blog!! Actually i thought 

nobody is interested in my Blog so i was surprised><

Thank you~!!!!!!!!I will do my best to create my Blog

interesting for you♫~(⌒。⌒●) 

Also i will write for all people

who wrote a comment on my blog a comment too :)

ありがとうね~私はうれしいですよGOOD☆( ゚Д゚)b 

Ok、 other topic haha~ I just started this week 

to study Japanese  with my boyfriend 

He did for me cute little cards where i can learn Hiragana

and Katakana :) 

I like Hiragana more>< It looks more cute, haha (*^m^*)

Ok now some pictures i took this week (=∇=)ノ~・・・

First picture is our Purikura, we did in october last year in Harajuku :)

Haha sorry for the picture spamσ(^_^;)

But i just miss him so much >3< The pictures we did with his Iphone4 。。。I want an iphone 4 tooooo ...TT

Ok~ next post will be about Fashion again!!



  1. You both look so cute ! ^-^

  2. I can understand u~
    U look so cute together!!! If u have such wonderfulpictures u should definately show them!!!

    and I think Hiragana's way more cute too xDD

  3. You both are so cute !

    I have no boyfriend at the moment, but I'm in love with a Japanese boy I met in Tokyo last summer (>ω<)☆
    I think he loves me too, but we have to wait before to meet again ... how sad ...

  4. cuteness!!!
    und spaghetti eis :D