Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011

☆彡Back from Japan, Gets, Pictures .... (PART 2)☆彡 HEAVY PICTURES


げんきですか? Im げんき!www

So sorry that i did not post for a long time but i always forgot it or i was just busy...
Then some days ago someone asked me at my Tumblr when I am going to make a new post!
I was actually so happy about it because I could know that at least some people like/read my blog!
Thanks again to tis person!! And thanks for waiting!

At the moment I have 2 weeks holidays - But I am not happy,,, Guess why?
YES! I am not in Japan for this autumn vacations....
But probably I will got with my mom and sister there in December!!
Not for christmas because my mom said (and i think so too) it's better to stay at home and celebrate christmas  here!
I think we will fly around the 25 or 26 december until 6-7 January (YES! NEW YEAR IN JAPAN!!)

Well, what else happened.... I am still trying to get a job beside my school!
I already had an "test-working-day" in a backery but I can tell you,,,, It was so EXHAUSTING
I did not know what kind of bread teh costumers wanted when they said the names...I don't know much about bread I noticed.... I still don't know if I can go there again.
They said they will call me! WISH ME LUCK!

Then I made a Formspring but I guess it's useless because also at Tumblr not many people ask em something - but if you want: PLEASE :) I like to answer your questions!

These days I am sick, I got a cold... But! In one month (24.November) it's my Birthday and my dad and grandparents said they will buy me an Iphone 4 because I always wanted it
I hope I can get it
I would be sooooo happy
Or should I wish me a Samsung Galaxy s2??? I don't knooooow....

Okaaay then, I want to show you the other pictures I made 1 month ago in Japan!
I hope you enjoy it!

I don't know what exactly it is but Yusuke bought it for me in Harajuku (Takeshita Street) while waiting for mom and my sister!

I bought this shirt for him haha For his Birthday :)

Following pictures are from YOKOHAMA

LOVE this view!!

I wanted to go swimming...

...But it was too cold :(

At the next day we went to CHINA TOWN in Yokohama

I ate some chinese food but i forgot the name....

This time Yusuke stalked me while eating ice cream hahaa


Nice weather!

Poor thing! The sun was really strong!
After this we went to his Grandparents! They live in/near Yokohama!!! (there were also his uncle and aunt but i don't have pictures of them....)

Because it was Yusuke's Birthday they invited us to an expensive restaurant! I was SO SO SO NERVOUS!
But I LOVE LOVE his family so much! They are freakin CUTE!!!! And so friendly <3

His grandma and grandpa!

I really love his grandma!!

this 2 pictures are from April 2011 but i didn't post them yet!

Anyways, after eatint there they invited us to their house !

Me at night at the playground near their house! It was a place where Yusuke was when he was small! I kind of like this ! I was happy to see a place like this :)

We dicided to sleep at his grandparents house! I was excited about this! At the night Yusuke played some WII FIT and i made a video of this! If he knew i upload it here he would kill me hahaha

At the next day we drove to Tokyo together and visited the EDO ( I hope it is correct... ) museum !!

That was a hall for SUMO !! I saw also SUMO-fighters haha So funny!

At the museum!

Having a break-time and eating SUSHI!

Again at the museum! It was so big!

The museum told us about the japanese history! Yusuke was a little bored haha


Then we went back to Chiba and Yusuke cooked for me! I was so happy!
Also the food contained a FACE !!! Can you find it????

Good taste!

Then we watched this World champion Sports show! There was also Germany!!

He really loved watching it!!

If you want to see something cute, watch the video please :) Its Yusuke playing DOODLE JUMP while Im annoying him with filming!!

Me driving with Yusuke's bike !
At the last day we went to Shibuya because my flight was at around 22,00 o'clock!

There Yusuke bought Ice Cream for me (COLD STONE) I love this ice cream!!

On the way to the airport! First Yusuke and me went to Haneda, but actually our flight was at NARITA! So we had to hurry and change the airport where my mom waited already for us !!

Mom and me were so sad,,, We didn't want to leaveeee

Sorry for the long post... So I decided already to make 2 Parts....

Now our Purikuras we made!! ( I really have to make some Purikuras with my family next time, even though not all family members can be in Japan of course... :(( )

Yeah! That's all of my Japan picture of my 5th trip! I am really sad I am  not there now...

But Hey, Soon is december! So I am happy!

I also want to show you some pictures of a school trip i made! My WHOLE SCHOOL was on this trip to north germany ( around 800-900 pupils ) It was so windy and cold,,,I like this place in summer more!

Me with my classmates on the fary? Sorry i looked so tired but we started the day at around 7.00am and ended it at  around 21.00 ! We had to use the train 4 hours or more, then 1 hour on this boat and then some hours on the Island NORDERNEY? and then all the way back...Not so much fun ... haha

The sea!!

OMG! I hate my face on this picture (T T)

These days I also celebrated the brithday of a friend ! She is now 19!
It was nice, we were only 2 persons, we went to an Italian restaurant, ate, and just talked!
 Then my mom and sister came to her house at night and i drive home with them ;)

OMG! My face...I was laughing when we pushed the photo button... ><

Thats me with my other sister! She gives me always her iphone when i ask for it! Im so happy about it because it makes so nice pictures ! Thank you!

Well, now i want to show you some pictures of me nowadays :)
 I think i will make another entry about my GETS in Japan or this entry will be TOO BIG !! I am using some clip-in exteision from HEADKANDY!

Here a short video I made while waiting for my brother at the gym!


Sooo, sorry for the picture SPAM! The pictures we made with my sisters Iphone!
 For the next time Im planning to make pictures with my Family and show you them!
 I hope my sister gives me her Iphone again (though its really embarrassing how many times I asked her already....I feel a little stupid ><)
 But yeah!
I hope we can make pictures all together!!!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned, I think I'm gonna make a GIVE AWAY after Im back from Tokyo in December ( I need to collcet more presents there ; ; I think I will ask my mom and sister, if they can help me to find some good things for you ;))

Take care lovelies またね!


  1. From where should I start?
    Well, I see more pics of you on this post ^^ Oh my! I'm jealous, always in a good way, because u're so photogenic ;-; & I don't know why, but u seem just so cute ;-; eeeeeeh cuuute u are~~~ <3 Yusuke is lucky to have you, as you 2 look lovely together~ ah <3
    Probably u should buy iPhone4, the inside camera is just perfect to take pics ( omg i want it too ;-; )
    Good luck about the job, u really need that money to go to Japan again *-*

    Take care =^^=

  2. Huhu, ich les mir morgen deinen Post komplett durch, da habe ich mehr Zeit :3
    Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar ♥ Ja wir wollten zur Hochzeitsreise nach Japan, aber da das recht kurz nach der Katastrophe vom März war, hatten wir die Reise dann wirklich schweren Herzens storniert ;_; Hat uns eine ganze Menge Geld gekostet (die Stornogebühren waren trotz Reiserücktrittsversicherung sehr hoch) und ich bin noch immer tottraurig, dass wir nicht da waren. Und da wir nun auch dieses Jahr keinen Urlaub mehr haben, können wir frühestens nächstes Jahr nach Japan reisen (wenn ich bis dahin nicht schwanger sein sollte ^///^)

    So wie gesagt, ich lese mir morgen alles durch von dir und bestaune die Bilder. Eins kann ich dir im Vorüberfliegen aber schonmal sagen: du hast echt sooo tolle lange Haare ♥ (hab mir meine langen nach der Hochzeit kurz schneiden lassen xD)

    Liebe Grüße Berry

  3. Danke nochmal für deinen reply *_*
    hab mich sehr gefreut!!!
    Ich flieg im Februar wieder rüber, dann zum zweiten Mal!
    Hab auch nen Blog über Japan gemacht letztes Jahr aber ders net so spektakulär leider XD
    Aber Yokohama sieht toll aus ;O;
    Ich will da unbedingt hin, einfach um in Japan durch Chinatown zu rennen XD

  4. You two are so so cutee!! <3<3 Seems like such such fun <3<3

    Also you will be in Japan the same time as me :O!!! I will be there from the 24th Dec until 10th Jan! Maybe we could meet ^__^

  5. oh my goodness, I think you ARE the cutest gyaru in Germany for peter's sake! I absolutely love the purikura, you guys look cute together! I think I'm starting to love Gal's style! haha..won't you mind to do make up tutorial sometimes? I adore your eye make up <33

  6. juhu *_* ich freu mich, dass du mal wieder einen post gemacht hast !! yayay !!
    du hast echt schöne bilder in japan gemacht =) und du bist so süß ;_; ich liebe deine haare ! X3
    ich hoffe ihr könnt in dez. wieder rüber fliegen !!=)

  7. Ich kann verstehen, dass du bei seinen Großeltern nervös warst <3 seine großmutter is ja süß, die macht ja auch immer ^^v xD <3

    Bezüglich onsen. Mein lieblingsonsen war in odaiba Oeodo Onsen Monogatari ->

    ^^ solltest unbedingt hinschauen!

    Du und dein freund seit so süß! Du bist so photogen >//< Darf ich fragen wie ihr euch kennengelernt habt?

  8. OH MY GOD.... Guess what.... I work at Yokohama China Town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh you should have told me hun!!!!! I wanted to see you honey! ;) I live in Yokohama! And you really did a great choice for your bf! (Shall I change it to 'husband'? ;p) I bet he matches with colors!

  9. How kawaii is your blog!
    That envy, I want to go to Japan.
    I love the pictures!
    A chocolate-flavored kiss: D

  10. schön, dass du wieder gepostet hast <3

    Nun hab ich Fernweh T_T
    Ich will auch weg...<3

    Aber so schöne Bilder!
    Ich drück dir die Daumen für den Nebenjob!

  11. juhu ein neuer post :)
    und schon wieder bekomm ich fernweh bei den ganzen bildern TT aber in einem monat gehts für mich los *_*

    und viel glück, dass du nen job findest, der dir gefällt <3

  12. Hey ^____^
    First of all a big THHAANNKK YOOUUU~~~ for liking my blog, I'm trying really hard ^^'

    And I really really really like your blog too & the pictures from japan *___*
    I also wanna go there soon but the flight is so freaking expensive Q__Q
    I just noticed, you're german?

    p.s Is that ur boyfriend on the pictures?

    kisses & hugs,


  13. OMG I love your style, your blog.... ALL OF YOU!!!
    Sorry my english, I'm from Spain, and i'm only speak spanish ´w` XDDDDDDD

    I follow you, gorgeous!!

  14. oooh, ich hab schon vermisst deinen blog zu lesen!!
    tolle fotos, und klingt nach einer menge schöner neuer erinnerungen :D

  15. Huhuu... süßen Blog hast du!
    Beim lesen, und anschauen der Bilder bekomm ich gleich Lust wieder nach Japan aufzubrechen.
    Leider geht die Zeit in dort immer viel zu schnell um... -.-

    Ich glaube um den Blog zu verfolgen muss man oben links auf regelmäßig lesen klicken. :)

    Liebe Grüße.

  16. aww thank you! ^__^I followed u and u are so much cuter than me ! :3

  17. hello!!!! ^^
    thanks for commenting on my blog!
    I love your photos!!!!!! and I love your look!!! is very cute!!!!!! *w*!!


  18. Hope you will enjoy your new year at Tokyo
    I spent the 2010's new year at tokyo with me BF , it's amazing bc tehre is still decorations for Xmas, and still sales !!!!

  19. heeey^^ jetzt kann ich wieder kommis schreiben :3
    erstmal ist dein post ja echt toll *_* viele bilder (*0*) der puri wo er dich umarmt ist echt süß^^
    danke für dein kommentar^^

  20. wooooooow :D Bin grad mega am ausrasten!! :D Dein Blog ist voll der mega Hamma!! :) <3


  21. Danke für deinen Kommentar erstmal *3*
    Wünsche dir viel spaß in Japan nach Weihnachten! Neujahr in Japan wäre der Himmel für mich *______*
    Das mit deinem Job klappt bestimmt,irgendwann wirst du schon alle Brotsorten kennen X33
    Ich war ganz geschockt,ich hab nämlich auch am 24. November Geburtstag xDDDD *zufall*
    Ansonsten,finde ich die Fotos wirklich echt toll *__*
    Und an deinem Give Away nehm ich teil,das ist sicher ;33
    Viel spaß noch!!

  22. soooo jetzt hab ich endlich alles lesen können und kann dir antworten :)
    Hab gestern noch gesehen die langen Haare sind Extensions oder ne Perücke oder so XD Steht dir trotzdem super!
    Die Puris sind voll süss geworden und die Fotos mit Yusukes Grandparents sind auch soo süss ♥ Du bist voll klein, wa?!
    Ich freu mich schon auf Bilder von dir, wenn du im Dezember da warst. Ich hoffe, hoffe soooo sehr, dass es bei uns nächstes Jahr auch endlich klappt mit Japan ♥

    Liebe Grüße Berry

  23. huhu :)
    vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar, ich lese deinen blog schon regelmäßig ^_^

    ich war leider noch nicht in Japan, bin erst 17.
    Wie kann man mit 18 schon 5 mal dort gewesen sein? :o
    Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß bei deiner 6. Japan-Reise! ^,^

  24. oh,how sweet u and ur bf look <3333
    guys,u're such a lovely couple)
    when i watched a pix of b day of ur bf,i felt myself so nervous too haha as you,because its always such a nervous meet up when u meet a family of ur bf,especially if ur bf is from another country

    u're a way too cute ^^

  25. aww you and your bf look so cute together! x)

  26. wow so manny pictures *_* i oove your blog and you are soooooo KAWAIII! <3 i follow you now!

  27. wowwwww *-* so many pictures*---* I almost got lost lol
    ah sweetie;.; I´m sorry.;.; I´ve been really busy with my Fashion Design conclusion course project;.;
    But I´ll update today*---*
    kiss kiss

  28. Awww~~~ so schöne Bilder! ♥♥♥ Yokohama ist einfach eine super schöne Stadt. Gefällt mir total! Und nach deinen Bilder würde ich jetzt am liebsten meine Koffer packen und ins Flugzeug steigen. Was ich immer so schade finde, wenn man dann mal wieder in Japan ist, geht die Zeit dort einfach viel zu schnell vorbei. T_T
    Ich empfehle dir auch das iPhone 4. Hab es selber und würde es NIE wieder hergeben wollen und gegen kein anderes Handy tauschen wollen.
    Viel Glück noch für deinen Job, ne! ♥

  29. hey:D
    wie gehts?:)
    danke für deinen kommi<3

    ja total schade:(
    nein, bin jetzt erstmal nich mehr in japan frühstens nächstes jahr sommer oder winter~:((

    deine bilder aus japan sind wundervoll*O* und die puris soo niedlich>//<
    und ich liebe deine outfits und bilder! so hübsch*_*

    ah und du siehst dir mein tumblr an?*O* ich dachte immer den guckt sich eh keiner anxD~ vielen dank!!

    liebe grüße

  30. you are so kawaii! love your pics. i am your newest blog follower. hope you can stop by and check out my blog:

  31. Wow!! These photos are really nice!
    The purikura that you got with your boyfriend are so cute (´∀`)
    I hope you have a nice time in Japan in December o(≧∀≦)o
    I didn't spend a lot of money at UFO catcher but I had a lot of fun haha (^O^)b

    Yes, I want to go to Japan again (><) I've bee there 3 times. In fact, I would like to live there in the future (^∀^)

  32. dein Blog ist voll süß & ich finde du bist eine tolle Gyaru. Manchmal hab ich schon welche gesehen und die haben mir nicht gefallen aber du hast mich überzeugt. Dir steht gyaru gut und dein Gesicht ist toll *__* du bist sehr hübsch C: ♥

  33. sehr schöne Bilder!! *_* JAPAN <3
    du warst auf Norderney? da wohne ich :bb
    lust auf gegenseitiges verfolgen? :)
    Selina <3 :*

  34. I love your shirt and those puris ;w; Ur too pretty! And your bf is totally cute too! How did you meet? ^--^ <3
    Thank you for commenting in my blog also~<3 It's my birthday today hahaha~ ::D

  35. Tolle Puris von euch :)
    und mir gefallen deine welligen Extensions *__*

  36. Beautiful Blog

    -Mia xoxo

  37. Ohaa *__* so tolle Fotos, muss bestimmt sau lustig gewesen sein :) ausserdem seht ihr soo süß aus :)

  38. Hellooo :) Thank you so much for following :3
    Die Bilder (alle, besonders die Puris!) sind so süß ;D it makes me want to visit Japan. Wie kommt es, dass ihr da sooft hin fahrt? total cool auf jeden fall *---* haha ich hätt dich das jetzt auch bei formspring fragen können, aber da ich grad am kommi schreiben bin...^-^ anyway, dein blog ist supertoll! ich bin neidisch ;D

  39. you're so lucky honey^0^!!! I want come back to Japan me too çoç!!!
    But i must wait next year:)!!
    If you go the 1 Jeanuary...shoopingggg saleee!!! i anvy you XD!!

    Btw...i like you style...youa re so cute^_^

  40. that is a wonderful holiday. many interesting place to eat and visit.