Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

Long time so see~ Tokyo countdown!!

Hi cuties~+゚*。:゚+o[\/]oω`。).+゚*。:゚+
How have you been?
Sorry i didnt write for a long time but
I had no time the last days because of exams・・・
BUT! I could pass my drivers license (writing) test
I was SO happy! Now i just have to pass the practical driving test^^
I also decided that i will drive to the airport when 
my mom and me are going to Tokyo(#^∇^#)
My mom has always to drive and it makes her tired
SO! I will try to drive if i have my license till then :)
And yes!! As i just said we will go to tokyo soon^^
It is just around one month later and im so excited as always!!!
I really missed Yusuke these days-it is so hard to have a 
Far distance realation ship but i hope we are able to do it!

Oh! Also i want to say

THANK YOU FOR 286 Readers!!
And im thankful for EVERY comment!
You all make me so happy( ´_つ`)
Also im planning to do a give away soon i think (Around 300 readers)
But im not sure how to choose a winner・・・
Maybe someone could help me?(´艸`)
I think i will buy some stuff in Japan for my give away^^

Oh and i made a Poll as you can see on the right upper side
If you are interested please select one or more^^
Because i want to know what you want to see about me :)

And also i wanted to ask if somebody could help me to do BIG GYARU HAIR?(Pictures or tutorial videos etc・・・) Maybe im just tooo stupid to do it・・・・(゚c_、゚ )
Also i want to buy circle lenses but im tooo scared to use them(ノ◇≦。)

Ok~Now Some pictures (I also managed to 
Use my make up in a different way because some people
said in my last post that my lower lashes are not so good
the way i put them>< Thanks for critic!)

Well, i think it is still kind of messy but im still practising^^

Ohh dont look at my lower lashes haha! Looks not so good~(ノω・、) ウゥ・・
 Now some outfit-pictures ;)

 Oh and the shirt i bought mmhh i think in march 2010 in Japan^^
I bought it in a package? Wait i will show you the pictures(๑◕ܫ◕

The brand is  TOKYO Cover Girl^^ I really liked it beacuse they also sold it with the white hat and the necklace as you can see in the picture!
Unfortunatley i lost the necklace hahah・・・・

Other combination! Love this shirt( ゚∀。)

Please dont look at my toenails haha The two big ones? Are completly broken in the middle・・・・It really hurts 。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。 But i love those shoes! Actually i got them last year from my ex boyfriend Satoru in a package with a cute pink yukata :) Maybe i will show you the Yukata later ;)

These days my mom and me bought some stuff
I want to show you some!

For example the pink lipstick i am wearing in the pictures!
I just love it!And it was not even expensive(◎>∀<◎) 

Then we also bought This:
 Its a haircurler with 25mm! I still dont know how to use it correctly but i do my best! We will need it in Tokyo (*゚ー゚)ゞ

Well, thats the last thing^^ It gives your hair volume and i really like to use it also the smell is good~(≧ω≦。)

Weeeeell~thats all for now^^ The weather here in germany is not so good・・・
Rain, rain and rain (13°C・・・・)
BUT! I saw in the news next week it will be 35°C (゚c_、゚ )
Oh my・・・I dont like cold BUT i also dont like so HOT><
I hope Japan wont be so hot in August・・・(´、ゝ`)

Ok~ :) I will go eat rice with egg now (needs also a diet・・・( ´_つ`)
Have fun and take care lovleys~❤(๑→ܫ←人→ܫ←๑)❤

PS; Some pictures of Yusuke,just because he is so cute!
Well^^; He likes to smell the hair volume mousse which i gave him :D

Well, he is my baby!<3 What should i say haha(๑◕‿←๑)

In August i will meet his family (Grandparents and uncle+aunt met already, now parents and siblings・・・(  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;))
SCARED>< But happy Hahah~(≧ω≦。)
Now really byebye^^ バイバイ :+*☆SёёYou☆*+:。(◎'v`)ノ~~~


  1. Ich liebe den gepunkteten Pulli! Sehr süße Fotos! ♪

  2. Ich liebe ihn auch. * ^ *
    Er ist so niedlich. Whaa und ich liebe deine Beine. *____*

    Wieso hast du Angst Circle Lenses zu tragen ? :0
    Das ist sehr einfach ( sogar ich habs geschafft xD ) und sie sind total bequem. :D

    Und du hast recht, das Wetter hier ist echt blöd. .-.

  3. aww cool, meine family wollt bisher nur zweimal mit mir nach japan und da war ich 14 und 15 jahre alt, dannach war ich immer auf mich alleine angestellt XD

  4. Yey for the curling iron :D Can't wait to see how you'll do your hair with it ♥

    And have fun in Japan? I'll hope you'll update before you go! ^_^

  5. pls show me the yukata! I've been collecting it too >.<~~~ hehe

  6. Awh, you're so pretty! Tehehe, lovin' the makeup <3
    But yeaah, congrats on passing your driving theory! I need to pass my practical too ^3^
    I'm so jealous that you'll be able to go to Japan :P I wanna go to Tokyo *__*

  7. you are so pretty and pretty . love ur lashes

  8. Wirklich tolle Fotos!!!
    Kann es sein das der Lippenstift "Unter den Linden" heißt. :D

    Mach weiter so!
    Liebe Grüße,

  9. みえーちゃん!! WELCOME BACKKKKKK!! And congrats on passing your exam! :D I passed mine in April, but I'm still a bad driver... I need LOTS of practice! My boyfriend freaks out when I try to park LOL <333

    Heehee I voted for ALL of them X3 I love reading your posts, you can write about nothing and I'll still read LOL

    Your makeup looks cute! Maybe the bottom lashes still need practice? But it's okay, I'm terrible at bottom lashes!! At least you're brave enough to wear them out! :D I also LOOOOOVE your outfit *O* I want that sweater... it reminds me of Tamaki Nami's "greeting" outfit <333

    AWWW Yuusuke-kun x Miee-chan SO kawaii!! OMGGG he reminds me of Akira from Eden of the East!! And you are like Saki, SO CUTE!!

    I want to see you two dress and pose like this!! <333


  10. Thank you so much for your comment!! OMG you're so cute!! *o* Your make up, hair, everything!!

  11. you're so cute ! I love your lashes ! Thanks for following me ! I follow you back !~ have a nice day !

    Visit my blog if you have some free time :)

  12. Unfortunately...Japan will be fu*/$&€ HOT in August!! xD I went in that month and I almost die, jeans must be forbidden, really!!
    But I'm sure you'll enjoy anyway :P
    Your bf is just SO CUTE!! :D Good luck with his family uhihihi~
    Your hair and make up are perfect!! *_*

  13. Die Schuhe sind ja mal super süß <3.
    Der Lippenstift sieht auch super aus!!
    Ich wünsche dir im August viel Spaß und viel Erfolg :D!!!

  14. Thank you for the comment! you're so pretty! :D

  15. I just noticed we have the same pattern on dress ^_^ soo pretty :)

  16. oh wow, muss schon sagen dein makeup find ich klasse :D
    Sieht sehr gyaru aus selbst ohne Linsen!
    Das ist total motivierend, ich muss jetzt sofort weiter üben!!xD

    hach und ich muss einfach mal loswerden wie verdammt neidisch ich auf deine Japan trips bin ;_;

    jedenfalls, thanks for following ^^

  17. btw. du errinerst mich an yui kanno! :)

  18. ich kann mich voll nichtmehr dran erinnern, aber du warst das nicht die letzten sommer im juli/august irgendwann genau solange wie ich am harajuku eki stand und auf wen gewartet hat oder? XD;;
    hatte da son weird encounter und so und hab mit einer auf english gelabert und dann irgendwann: ohhh wir kommen beide aus deutschland. cool!
    die sah dir irgendwie ein wenig ähnlich..aber auch nur ein wenig?......erinnerung nicht vorhanden wwww

    bzw ich will auch wieder rüberfliegen ey. Q_Q
    beneide dich! der lippenstift ist toll ♥

  19. Hey Süsse :D danke für deinen Kommi :D Kannst auch Deutsch mit mir reden xD haha! Also erstmals kann ich gut verstehen wie du dich fühlst bezüglich Fernbeziehung! Muss echt hart sein! >.< Aber bald siehst du ihn ja wieder x3 <3 Geniesse die Zeit! Und ja, ich hoffe dass es natürlich klappt mit dem Leben in Japan! Wünsch dir viel Glück! Du bist ja um einiges jünger als ich, kann dir aber wirklich nur empfehlen deine Träume nie aufzugeben und immer daran zu arbeiten! So hast du bestimmt die Chance mit 23 oder 24 schon nach Japan zu kommen! <3 Wir schaffen das schon! :D Liebe Grüsse
    p.s. Du bist so hübsch und ich finde deine Haarfarbe superschön! <3333

  20. Ich mag das Augen Make Up & den Pünktchen Pulli! (:

  21. I've been trying to place gal tokei on my blog~~ how did you do it?

  22. You're outfits are so cute! I love it <3 And you're so pretty :)

    Please comment/follow my blog &
    I'll definitely return the favor :)

  23. awwww~ so viele schöne fotos *_*
    wie schön dass ihr euch bald wieder seht^^
    man bin ich froh dass mein freund hier lebt und nicht in japan oo'
    fernbeziehungen sind echt hart, schon ne wochenendbeziehung is für mich kaum auszuhalten^^'
    deine schuhe sehen toll aus ;//;
    und das makeup is wirklich toll*_*

  24. Dein style ist echt hammer x3

  25. kawaiii

    great look, awesome blog

    followed you! feel free to visit and follow me!

  26. Your lashes look good. I'm going to Japan in September for the second time. Yay!

  27. awwwwwww bitte add mich auf Facebook !
    Es wär so toll dich zu treffen du bist so süß <3
    Da wohnen wir beide in DE und dann sehen wir uns in Tokyo hahaha. Weird aber naja ;D
    oder einfach Kitai Fi eingeben und suchen. ♥♥♥

  28. Your makeup is really cute! <3 and waaah i wanna go to japan too!! But it's really expensive -.-
    But anyway hope you have fun there :D

  29. -I love your make up :D!! and the shoes too >___<

    -The hair extensions are from: but for make the order you need a shopper service (intermediary?)-_- I don't know how is said in english sorry xS.

  30. Hey, when are you going to Japan ??
    I'm moving there in September for my studies (^O^)/