Sonntag, 12. Dezember 2010

こんばんは! チュキ♪(´ε`*)

Hello! This is my first Blog entry here~

I am really interested in japanese fashion especially the gyaru fashion(´艸`)

These japanese girls are so cute and their style is just LOVE!!

So i want to dedicate my Blog to them☆彡
I was already 3 times in Japan and i loved the fashion and shops there~

I want to go there again as soon as possilbee(ノω・、) ウゥ・・ and continue to 

learn japanese・・・・ I want to live there someday (´、ゝ`)

So i can go shopping many times!!~

Also i really like to watch other Blogs of Japanese or foreign gyarus

so if you can recommend me some please do this(*´σー`)

That is all for the beginning~ 
See you soon cuties~(*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*)

Love them~

And this ’’Hair up’’ style is too cute too!


  1. Hello !
    I'm a 18 years old girl from France ^_^
    I'm in love with Japan too and I've been to Tokyo during 3 months, it was great.
    I will move to Tokyo next year (september).
    I can't wait for it !
    When will you move there ??
    Bye bye^^~

  2. Hey !
    Ich bin 16 und auch aus Deutschland und liebe auch Gyaru und Japanese Fashion !(≧∇≦)
    War leider noch nie in Japan,aber hoffe,dass sich das in Zukunft noch ändern wird.☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ
    Ich liebe übrigends die Liz Lisa Schuhe ♡
    Nyo ~ Ich werde auf jedenfall deinen Blog regelmäßig verfolgen.
    Ciao ♡

  3. As you I love Gyaru fashion *.*
    btw the boots are just amazing *o*